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We build microphones to order. Turnaround time depends on demand. Normally, we can build microphones within three business days of the order.

Product Availability Updates

2021-11-25 See our Black Friday specials.
2021-11-23 Hypercardioid SDC capsules are available.
2021-11-15 RK-47 capsules (and all mics/kits that use it) are backordered, due to supply chain issues. We expect to resolve this by mid-December.
2021-10-01 A limited number of RK-12 capsules are available.
2021-09-27 Rycote USM-VB are available.
2021-08-23 The 990XF / RK-67C bundle is back in stock.
2021-08-18 We have introduced a new badged black mic body for the large-diaphragm T- and S-series mic kits.

Rycote USM-L are in stock.

Inexpensive XLR7 cables (for tube mics) are once again available, and on sale.

2021-07-06 The S3 kits are back in stock. Click for S3-87 , S3-47 , S3-12.
2021-06-27 We have a limited stock of Gotham GAC7 remnant cables available.
2021-06-25 RK-87 capsules and the S-87 microphone kit are in stock for immediate shipment.
2021-06-17 We have just introduced a new upgrade kit for the MXL 990. Click for more info on the 990XF circuit kit.
2021-06-07 C12 style grilles are back in stock. These fit the MicParts V-251, Apex 460, Carvin CTM100, Avantone CV-12, Apex 435 CAD GXL2400, and more.

We have just launched our new Telefunken Bridge Rectifier kit.

We also just introduced the S3-47 LC and S3-12 LC multipattern microphone kits.


The 12-251 tube microphone kit is once again available in our custom silver powdercoated finish.

The V-47 is also now available in silver.

2021-05-25 Metallic Gray and Metallic Blue powdercoat mic bodies for large-diaphragm Cardioid FET mics are back in stock.
2021-05-12 Custom powdercoat options are becoming available again. We've just added the "vintage cream" V-251, and the "rat rod" FET mic body. Quantities are limited.
2021-05-08 More Rycote USM-VB have arrived.
2021-04-26 The SDC-84 microphone kit has been upgraded; we've found new filter capacitors that we prefer, and the output capacitor is now a box film style rather than electrolytic. Assembly is easier too due to a reworked PCB.
2021-04-19 The MXL 990 circuit kit has been updated with a new PCB, a few component upgrades, and a minor topology upgrade to the DC oscillator. The documentation has been rewritten and improved.
2021-04-10 Rycote USM-L mounts (and a very few USM-VB) are back in stock for the moment.
2021-03-15 Selected low-noise EHX 6072 tubes are back in stock.
2021-02-22 We have a very few LDC mic bodies in our custom Matte Green powdercoat finish available.
2021-02-05 We have received a VAT number from HMRC, and are able to resume shipping to UK citizens.
2021-02-01 We've introduced a new black body with chrome grille for the S-25 and T-25 kits.
2021-01-22 The newly revised SDC-84 Snare Mic kit is now shipping. This kit has an updated PCB that is easier to build, and incorporates upgrades to numerous components.
2021-01-08 Hypercardioid SDC capsules, and matched Cardioid SDC capsule pairs, are back in stock. See the SDC Capsules page.
2020-12-28 Two custom powdercoat colors for our S- and T-series LDC kits and microphones are back in stock: rat rod and metallic gold. (Metallic gray is sold out for the forseeable future.)
2020-12-26 The Rycote USM-L shockmount is back in stock.
2020-12-16 We have just introduced Platinum editions of the MP-47 microphone and VPS1 power supply.
  • The T-25 is in stock and available for immediate shipping.
  • The S-25 is in stock and available for immediate shipping.
2020-11-08 I've posted the first two livestreamed DIY mic builds on the video tutorials page.
  • Hypercardioid SDC capsules (singles and matched pairs) are sold out. Hypercardioid SDC and SDC-84 microphone kits are sold out. We expect to make more HC capsules before the end of the year.
  • S-25 and T-25 kits are sold out. We will have more of these by November 20.
  • We just introduced a new powdercoat color for our S- and T-series FET microphone kits: "Rat Rod."
  • Matched SDC Cardioid capsules are backordered until August 15. This means that Matched Cardioid SDC and SDC-84 microphone kits are backordered also.
  • The MXL 3000 circuit mod kit is back in stock (although perhaps only briefly, as we received only a few boards from the recent order). More are in production.
  • The Metallic Gray color option for 50mm large-diaphragm FET mics is back in stock.
  • We've reduced our shipping rates for UPS Expedited to Canada.
  • Hypercardioid SDC capsules are nearly sold out, which means the SDC-84 "Snare Mic" kit is nearly sold out too. The next production run of capsules is scheduled to be done in about 45 days.
  • Rycote USM-VB mounts are back in stock.


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