Video Tutorials

Basic DIY Audio Skills

  • Component Identification (coming soon)
  • Component Lead Forming (coming soon)
  • Recognizing Polarized Components (coming soon)


Livestreamed EXF1 / T-25 Microphone Build

These streams are intended as informal demonstrations with some commentary about tools and techniques. For a more focused presentation, scroll down to the S-25 step-by-step videos, which benefit from a bit more polish (and editing!).

In the first stream, I built a T-25 from start to finish, or nearly so.

Because the T-25 was 1 solder joint away from completion at the end of the first episode, I hosted a second broadcast where I demonstrated how to de-solder wires, addressed some techniques for clearing plugged solder pads, then cleaned up the final joints on the board and applied conformal coating.

990XF Microphone Kit Build Tutorial

ETL1 / S-25 Microphone Kit Tutorial

  • Part 1: PCB and Component Preparation
  • Part 2: Resistor Installation
  • Part 3: Diode Installation
  • Part 4: Switch Installation
  • Part 5: Ceramic Capacitor Installation
  • Part 6: Output Transistor Installation
  • Part 7: Film & Electrolytic Capacitor Installation
  • Part 8: Input Circuit Installation - video coming soon
  • Part 9: Pad Capacitor Installation - video coming soon
  • Part 10: PCB cleaning - click here for the tutorial video
  • Part 11: Capsule Installation - video coming soon
  • Part 12: XLR Wiring - video coming soon
  • Part 13: Capsule Wiring - video coming soon
  • Part 14: DC Voltage Tests - video coming soon
  • Part 15: High-impedance Component Cleaning - video coming soon