7-pin XLR Tube Mic Cable

$ 40.00

We have sold out of these cheap XLR7 cables. We recommend our hand-terminated Gotham GAC7/Neutrik XLR7 cable, which is superior in every respect: better metallurgy, better solder, better insulation, higher-quality jacket, less resistance loss in the critical heater circuit, etc.

These 7-pin cables are designed for tube microphones such as the Apex 460, BadAax T11-A, Alctron T11-A, Nady TCM1150, Avantone CV-12, etc.

The cable length is 30 feet / 9m.

One end has an XLR7M. The other has an XLR7F.

They are wired straight through -- pin 1 to pin 1, etc. We test every cable here prior to shipping.