Studio Projects C1 and C3 Mic Mod Service

$ 189.00

Is your C1/C3 too bright, sibilant, or hyped? We can fix it for you.

About the Mod

We'll install our "U87 EQ" circuit board, and a suite of other upgrades. The finished microphone will have higher sensitivity, lower distortion, lower self-noise, and a much smoother, unhyped high-frequency response.

See the video and hear the audio tracks on this page for demonstrations of the effects of the mod: Studio Projects C1 Circuit Mod: "U87 EQ".

How it works

After you buy this service, we'll send you instructions for shipping your mic to our shop (in the Los Angeles area). We'll modify your mic, test it, and ship it back, usually within a few days. We can provide more detailed turnaround time estimates after you purchase the service.


The mod service includes the parts, installation, testing, and return shipping (domestic US only). You will have to ship the mic to our shop.


This mod service is open to US residents only. Customers from outside the US are invited to purchase the DIY mod kit and hire a local technician to do the installation.

Shipping Caution

Approximately 50% of the C1/C3 microphones we receive arrive looking like this:

C3  with crushed grille

Please wrap your microphone in a way that prevents the top domed part of the grille from making any contact with the inside wall of the box.

We have generally been successful at reshaping these pieces of mesh, but it adds time and cost to the modification service.