Microphone Y-Adapter Cable XLR5F to XLR3M AC-20

$ 119.00

Dual-output, two-channel microphones (like our own Multitrack mic) need a Y cable, to split the 5-pin XLR5M output on the mic into two XLR3M connectors to plug into a pair of preamps or console inputs.

We terminate these cables in-house. The cable is Gotham GAC-3. The connectors are Neutrik. The cable length is approximately 6 inches. (Contact us if you would like to order a custom length.)

Gotham GAC3 is one of the finest microphone cables in the world. It uses three independent conductors, each made of 96 strands of pure copper. Each conductor is insulated with a 1.2mm OD PVC jacket. These three wires are twisted together, counter-wrapped in fiber insulation, then double shielded with bare copper wire: two layers of 100% coverage, wound in opposing spirals.

This construction provides flexibility, long life, excellent RF rejection, good tensile strength, and of course excellent signal fidelity.

Neumann's version of this Y-cable is called the AC-20. It retails for $169. (To be fair, it's much longer at 39 inches, in case you wish to plug your 2-channel microphone into channels 1 and 96 of that giant SSL console in your home studio. Our cable is shorter, because there's no advantage to having more cable than you need, and most users would be plugging this into adjacent connectors on a desktop or 1U rackmount interface. If you need a longer version, we can make custom lengths to order, as noted above.)