Tube Microphone Grille

$ 29.00 $ 34.00

This grille has 3-layer mesh. It is finished in a satin nickel plating.

It fits the following tube microphones:

 It also fits these small FET condensers:

This grille is tapped and threaded for M2 Metric machine screws. If your donor mic uses smaller screws (e.g. M1.6 Metric), then you will need to source or supply two M2 screws to install this grille.

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About "Imperfect" Grilles

We occasionally have a few "Imperfect" grilles listed here. These grilles failed our quality standards; they are either tilted, or have finish problems in the mesh and/or grille. They are fully functional, but suffer from minor cosmetic defects. We sell them below our cost; all sales of blemished/imperfect grilles are final.

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