T-12 Microphone Kit

$ 419.00

T-12 Microphone Kit

The T-12 is a stunning vocal microphone in DIY kit form. Intermediate-level hobbyists can build it in two to three hours. The kit provides a genuine vintage microphone circuit (based on a Neumann design) with a selected large-diaphragm capsule (based on the AKG capsule from the C12, ElaM 251, and C414). The finished microphone delivers great tone and vibe, with a frequency response that complements vocals, acoustic guitars, and drum overheads.

About the Circuit

Transformer microphones just sound different. This particular circuit yields a warmer, rounder sound than you'd get from a transformerless circuit.

The beneficial 2nd harmonic coloration from the circuit is not due to components we added, though; this mic has what might be the simplest audio signal path in any microphone:

Capsule → JFET → Capacitor → Transformer

We chose each of those parts with care: hand-selected capsule, manually biased NOS JFET, polypropylene output capacitor, custom transformer.

Greg Wells' Review

Greg Wells is credited with 85 million units sold (including Adele). Here's what he says about the T-12:

The SonicScoop Review

SonicScoop.comPaul Womack of SonicScoop built and reviewed the T12. It is a great review -- detailed and clear, with descriptions of both the build process and the results. Here is a sample:

"Now that I’ve done a number of male and female vocal sessions with the T-12, I can say that the top end is very smooth, but I’ve been equally as impressed with the midrange. It has a very 'solid' sound: vocals stand right up in the mix. Not in a 'peaky' way, but in a very full and up-front sounding manner."

Read the full review here.

The Pherotone Studios review

We can't get enough of Mark's review video. He seems very pleased with the mic. :-)

Visual Color Choices

The T-12 comes standard with a matte black painted finish, with our popular vintage style diamond "MP" logo badge. We usually have some custom powdercoated color options available for a small additional cost; find those here.

The grille, for all body color options, is a 2-layer brass mesh with satin nickel finish.

About the Body (and switches)

The body has no external switches. This microphone has two internal switches, one for pattern (C/O) and one for pad. To access the switches, spin the end cap off of the bottom of the mic, and slide the body sleeve down.

It is best to unplug the mic from phantom power before opening the mic.

Frequency Response

T12 Frequency Response Comparison

The RK-12 capsule used in the T-12 is characterized by a broad but mild high-frequency boost. In our acoustic sweep tests, the T-12 exhibits a very slightly boosted top end, approximately 1dB higher in output than a U87 Ai. But where the U87 Ai rolls off the top aggressively above 12kHz, the T-12 has more "air" in that top octave.

We have included comparisons with the Mojave MA-201 FET, which uses a similar circuit (single JFET/transformer topology), although with a different capsule type and size (32mm K67). On our test rig, the MA-201 has a slight scoop (-1dB) in the mids as compared to the T-12, and its high-frequency peak is slightly sharper, and occurs at a higher frequency (around 12kHz).


  • Mic body, chassis, grille, and PCB mounting screws
  • Swivel mount
  • Zippered vinyl pouch
  • Two custom PCBs, with 100% of circuit components needed to complete the circuit
  • RK-12 capsule, supersaddle, screws, and wires
  • Custom-wound transformer
  • Comprehensive step-by-step DIY installation guide
  • Tech support via email


Transformer Options

The "MP6.5" transformer offers smooth, flat frequency response from 20Hz to beyond 20kHz, with musical and predictable harmonic coloration. This has been the standard transformer for the T-12 kit, and the one used in all the 5-star reviews on this page. It has won dozens of shootouts and earned hundreds of positive testimonials within our T-47 and T-12 microphone kits.

The "T6.5" transformer matches the size and turns ratio of the MP6.5. It offers smooth, flat frequency response from 20Hz to beyond 20kHz, with musical and predictable harmonic coloration. If you happen to have a signal injection rig, you will see that the T6.5, when used in this circuit, has approximately 2dB higher second harmonic content. This transformer has earned many positive reviews and testimonials within our 990XF kit.

What about a shockmount?

We recommend the Roswell Pro Audio "Cutaway™" shockmount, available exclusively here.

Not ready for DIY?

We can build the T-12 for you. Order the mic here.



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