Rycote USM Shockmount

$ 79.00

Price reduction notice: the US distributor for Rycote mounts cut the price on this product by nearly 40%. This is a fantastic price on a world-class mount.

The Rycote Lyre suspension is superior to everything else we've seen. It offers better attenuation of mechanical vibrations, which means less rumble and noise in your tracks.

The USM-L (with red Lyre) is best for lightweight microphones (up to 400g), including our S-87, S-47, S-12, as well as T-12 and T-47 condensers. Max mic diameter: 55mm.

The USM (black Lyre) is best for heavier mics (400-750g), such as our 12-251 and V12 tube mics, and the Studio Projects C1/C3. Max mic diameter: 55mm.

The USM-VB is for microphones whose diameters are 55-68mm, and up to 900g in weight. This is best for the MXL 990, MXL 770, and our S3-87, S3-47, S3-12.


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