AT3035 Microphone Mod Kit

$ 149.00

The Audio-Technica AT3035 was a forerunner to the popular AT2035, and shared the same features and sound (more or less). 

Both models have a transformer coupled circuit, although with a very small transformer. Both have a relatively flat frequency response. Both have a distinctive lack of proximity effect, which is arguably a weakness given that both have a switchable high-pass filter too.

Our upgrade kit retains the capsule, but replaces the entire circuit and transformer. The new circuit contains switchable pad and filter features, like the original.


Kit Contents

The AT3035 mod kit is a DIY electronics project; you must solder components and wires to a PCB. If you lack the interest, skills, or tools to modify your own AT3035, we can upgrade your microphone for you -- contact us here.

The kit contains:

  • Custom PCB
  • All the components needed to populate the PCB
  • Transformer and transformer mount
  • Vintage brass MP logo badge
  • Detailed step-by-step mic build instructions

NOT included:

You'll receive our AT2035 kit (yes, AT2035, not a typo) plus additional parts and instructions to provide compatibility with the AT3035.

Our AT2035 circuit fits the AT3035, but the transformer carrier does not, and the AT3035's XLR and capsule wires are too short for the new circuit. Therefore the AT3035 kit provides replacement/upgrade XLR and capsule wires, and a custom transformer carrier, and instructions for same.


Sonic Changes

The new circuit increases output by 4-6dB. This means you'll need less preamp gain to produce the same signal level into your recording device -- which in turn means you'll have less noise/hiss in your tracks.

The new circuit does little (very little) low-frequency filtering when HPF is disabled, so you might hear additional low bass after the circuit upgrade. The AT2035/AT3035 capsule has a rolled-off low end, presumably to combat proximity effect. The new circuit gives you the capsule's full bandwidth without HF or LF attenuation.

The pad switch in the new circuit provides 11-12dB of attenuation. (The build guide provides basic documentation on increasing that to ~16dB; such a mod would require sourcing a component not included in the kit.)

The HPF switch mimics the behavior of the stock circuit. (The build guide provides basic documentation on changing the effective frequency of the rolloff; as above, this customization would require parts not included in the kit.)


This kit fits the Audio-Technica AT3035.

This kit is not known to be compatible with any other Audio-Technica microphone.

If you have an AT2020, see the AT2020 upgrade kit.

If you have an AT2035, see the AT2035 upgrade kit.


Recommended Skill Level

We do not recommend this kit for first-time mic builders. See the T-25; it is easier to build, and a better choice for your first circuit build project.


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