DIY Electronics Kits for Schools

We offer two "do it yourself" studio microphone kits for students and school programs. Both are affordable, and are relatively easy to build. Unlike many of the DIY projects we've seen in recording arts / studio electronics programs, these microphones are not the sort of devices that the student will outgrow before the end of the semester. We have sold hundreds of these microphones to home and commercial studios, where they've become go-to microphones on a variety of sources.

EDU Pricing

We offer bulk discounts on these two kits to educational institutions. A school PO is required, with a minimum order of five kits. Contact us for additional details and options.

Download the Flyer

We've made a one-page flyer for distribution to your faculty and administrators. Print this on 2-sided paper, and fold twice. 

Click here to download the PDF [1.1 MB].

Why DIY?

Recording gear is expensive. But there are more DIY kit options available than ever before. It is entirely possible to build world-class microphones, preamps, compressors, guitar effects, and more, at a fraction of the price of comparable commercial products.

The DIY approach also enables audio engineers to personalize their gear -- to purpose-build it for a specific application.

Finally, building audio electronics confers both the confidence and skills to debug and repair gear that eventually breaks.

DIY Microphone Kits for Students

MicParts S-25 MicParts T-25
Type Medium-diaphragm condenser microphone Medium-diaphragm condenser microphone
Topology Transformerless, electronically balanced Transformer balanced
Circuit design Based on Schoeps CMC5 Based on Neumann KM84
Build time 2–4 hours 1.5–3 hours
Prior experience required Basic soldering skills Basic soldering skills


Both of these microphones are versatile studio tools. Both have full frequency response, with a smooth frequency response and reliable proximity effect. Both have an internal 10dB pad option, enabling recording of louder sources without clipping.

Customers have reported great results with these mics on voices, guitars, strings, drum overheads, drum room, and more.


What's In The Box

The S-25 and T-25 microphone kits include full microphone bodies, the capsule and mount, custom PCBs, plus 100% of components needed to complete the circuit.

For school orders, we would include enough spare parts to ensure that students' class/lab time is used efficiently -- without delays due to broken or lost components.

Each kit includes a 30-page full color assembly guide that details the step-by-step process of building the microphone. The manuals include DIY tips, and make no assumptions about prior experience on the part of the builder.

MicParts' DIY build guides are often described by customers as "the best I've ever seen."


Video Tutorials

We are working on a series of video tutorials for the S-25 and T-25 microphone kits. Although the series is not complete, the first eight episodes do a good job of illustrating the process of building one of these kits.


Customer Testimonials

Praise for the T-25

"The T-25 is a unbelievable mic and not just at its price point. It’s forward/bright but not harsh, full but not boomy... I can see myself selling some of my name brand mics to build more [kits]."

"Because this was my first PCB build up, I thought I would offer a few notes from the field to help encourage any other newbies who are teetering on the edge. The T-25 is well designed for a first time DIY assembly. Everything that I read on this site about the step by step instructions guiding you through the process is true... The mic sounds absolutely awesome. I am just starting to use it for acoustic guitar and so far, I can see that it will be a workhorse. I am really excited to explore the full potential of the T-25 and itching to do my next DIY!"

"First time mic build for me. I really enjoyed it. Mic sounds really good. I tried it briefly on cello, guitar, and bells. It has a really cool colour on cello, something I didn't already have. I was surprised at how nicely it handled the bells too, I expected it might be too bright, but it was smooth and articulate."

"I have built countless electronic kits. The instructions and packaging of this kit are fantastic. [MicParts] makes it really easy and clear. I appreciate the lengths they go to, to ensure quality in the parts and instructions. The mic sounds fantastic. And because it's so good, it's easy to use. It's pleasant to the ear and picks up great detail. I can't recommend this kit enough."

Praise for the S-25

"This mic is superb in almost every way. Every thing I throw at this thing just sounds great."

"Stellar. Clarity of mic build instructions, mic performance, mic sound (WOW! Did I build that?), quality of online support: all stellar."

"This was really fun to build. The feeling of plugging it in for the first time and it working is indescribable. The sound quality is beyond amazing-my Audio-Electronics instructor at college said he could name several 900.00 mics that do not sound any better than the S-25."

"The build was so easy and fun!! I can’t believe the sound out of this little microphone. Better believe I will buy another microphone."