NOS 6072 Tubes

$ 189.00

We have a very limited supply of US-made, fully tested, microphone-grade 6072 vacuum tubes.

Note - because these tubes are ~60 years old, the connection pins have become slightly oxidized. We recommend brushing them with 320-grit sandpaper or steel wool to clean the surface of the pins, prior to installation in your microphone.

The photo here shows one of the available lot. Markings on the rest of the tubes vary.

If you purchase a compatible tube circuit kit or tube microphone kit in the same shopping cart, use code NOS-TUBE-UPGRADE to save 15% off the cost of the NOS tube. The coupon will only work if your shopping cart also contains the Fox 460 or V-251 circuit kits, or the 12-251 / V-47 / V-251 / V-47 LE microphone kits, or one of our pre-built tube microphones. Tube mics and kits upgraded via this coupon will not also include the standard EHX 6072 that would normally be included; that is why the coupon code is called "upgrade."

These tubes come with a 21-day return policy: if it fails, or you are not happy with it, send it back within 21 days for a refund.