Missing Parts

We have multiple systems in place to ensure that every DIY kit is complete. However, it is difficult to get 30-100 parts exactly right in every kit. We occasionally make a mistake.

This page describes the process and limits regarding requests for missing parts. If you've broken or damaged a component in your kit, see this FAQ regarding requests for replacement parts.


How To Request Missing Parts

If you receive a kit that is missing a component, please notify us via email and we will ship the part or parts you need.


Missing Parts Destination

Replacement parts would be sent to the address to which the initial order was shipped.

If you plan to export the order after receiving it at a domestic US address, we recommend inspecting the kit carefully first.


Shipping Methods

We use USPS Priority Mail for US addresses, and USPS First Class International for non-US addresses.


Time Limit

We recommend reviewing the contents of your kit immediately upon receipt. Missing-parts requests can only be honored for 14 days after delivery.


Request Limit

We can honor only the first missing-parts request for any order. Please review the entire order to ensure that all parts are accounted for. If after requesting replacement for a missing part, you discover another missing part, use the procedure in FAQ #8 to order a replacement.