MXL 3000 Circuit Upgrade Kit

$ 199.00

We have developed a replacement circuit for the MXL 3000. The circuit topology is a single-stage JFET with output transformer. We have optimized this circuit to create even-order harmonics, which add richness, saturation, and texture to your tracks.

This product is identical to our best-selling T-84 circuit kit, adapted to fit the MXL 3000 chassis.

Features & Benefits

As compared to the stock circuit, the new one has:

  • Higher output (~2.5dB)
  • Lower noise
  • Superior harmonic content
  • Internal 10dB pad switch
  • Internal Cardioid/Omni pattern switch (requires multipattern capsule)

If you also install the RK-12 capsule, which we highly recommend, the finished microphone will have:

  • Still higher output (~5dB higher than stock)
  • Smoother mid- and high-frequency response
  • Fuller bass response

The RK-47 capsule also works nicely with this circuit (and is easier to install).


In The Box

You'll receive our T-84 circuit parts (including transformer) and instructions, with a PCB designed to fit the MXL 3000.

The MXL 3000 "donor mic" pictured on this page is not included with the kit. You must supply your own donor mic.


Installation Notes

The installation process is slightly more challenging than some of our other kits, for these reasons:

  • Installing the RK-12 capsule requires grinding out the neck of the headbasket, similar to what is documented on the GT-55 mods page.
  • We do not provide step-by-step instructions for mounting the transformer. The transformer could be taped to the back of the PCB, or installed within the transformer can that houses the stock transformer.
  • We do not provide step-by-step instructions for disassembly of the MXL 3000. (In a nutshell, you just need to remove the old PCB(s) and transformer, and preferably the capsule too. Then install the new parts.)

If this is your first DIY mic upgrade, we recommend starting with something simpler. Or, see below.


PCB Dimensions & Compatibility

MXL 3000 PCB dimensionsThis PCB measures 3.2 inches tall by 1.59 inches across. It fits the MXL 3000 without modification.

We do not know whether it fits any other microphone, but we have provided the information necessary for you to determine this: click the image at right to download a to-scale drawing of the PCB. Print it out, measure to confirm that your printer didn't change (scale) the drawing, and hold it up against your mic chassis. Confirm that the PCB fits on the chassis and within the mic body. Confirm that the mounting holes line up. Confirm that your chassis side rails do not overlap the outermost solder pads.


    Mod Service Option

    We can upgrade your MXL 3000 for you; contact us for details.

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