T67 Microphone

$ 599.00

The T67 is a large-diaphragm microphone designed to create even-order harmonic coloration while capturing extended frequency response, notably in the "air" octave above 10kHz.

The circuit is a single-stage, transformer coupled topology based on a vintage Neumann design. We build it with fantastic parts that were selected by ear.

The capsule is a proprietary design. Although its backplate geometry is loosely based on the K67, the voicing is not. It delivers a flat frequency response through the midrange, very slight (~1dB) attenuation in the sibilance frequencies, and a gentle, smooth lift (~1.5dB) in the "air" band.

Two hidden switches (inside the mic) provide a -10dB pad and Cardioid/Omni pattern control. If you plan to record high-SPL sources, we would recommend building the pad with a higher value, such as -15dB. Make this request at the time of your order.

Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition T-67 incorporates upgrades throughout the circuit, notably including the JFET and output transformer. Several capacitors are upgraded to our own bespoke formulation (based on the famous Black Gate recipe). 

The mic body is upgraded to heavy brass, with a matte black finish. (If a custom powdercoat color is ordered, the body material would be aluminum.)


These microphones are built to order in our US headquarters. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, testing, burn-in, and final QC. Click here for the latest news about custom mic ordering times.

DIY Option

If you'd like to build the T-67 from a kit, see the T-67 Microphone Kit.

(The DIY kit is the Standard edition of the circuit; the Platinum circuit is not available for DIY builds. The Platinum transformer is temporarily offered for DIY, but that is the only Platinum component available for DIY.)

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