Microphone Parts: Capsules, Mod Kits, and More

DIY Microphone Kits

We believe microphones are essentially EQ devices. We further believe that if all your microphones sound the same, then your gear isn’t serving you as well as it could. We can help you build some extraordinarily musical variety into your mic locker.

We make premium, custom versions of three landmark vintage microphone circuits: transformerless JFET (Schoeps style), transformer JFET (KM84 style), transformer tube (ElaM 251 style).

Each kit includes an unbranded mic body, custom PCBs, premium components, best-in-class documentation, and the large-diaphragm capsule of your choice.

Large-diaphragm replacement microphone capsules

Our most popular capsule is a K47 style, modeled after the capsule in the Neumann U47. It gives your mic the classic “mid-forward” presence associated with vintage Neumann microphones, and a wonderful contrast to the over-bright condensers that have overtaken the market.

We have an AKG CK-12 style capsule to recreate the brightness and intimacy of the AKG C12 and Ela M 251 microphones.

And we offer a beautiful version of Neumann’s venerable K67/K87, voiced with a milder high-frequency boost than is typical for this design.


Circuit replacement kits

Our circuit replacement kits let you turn inexpensive microphones into professional-grade studio workhorses.

We have kits for the Fat Head (ribbon), Alctron T11-A / Apex 460 (tube) and numerous FET mics from Studio Projects, MXL, CAD, Apex, Nady, t.bone, and Golden Age -- low-cost microphones with “good bones.” By replacing the circuit and capsule with our custom parts, we’re able to make these cheap mics compete with the high-dollar pedigreed mics you’d normally reach for first.

See our directory of mic mods to find options tailored to your specific donor microphone.

Hand-built Boutique Microphones

We stock a limited number of finished microphones, built in-house from our own kits.