SDC Capsules

$ 149.00

Premium Small-Diaphragm Capsules

After several years' worth of R&D, we are excited to announce the availability of custom small-diaphragm condenser mic capsules. These provide significantly superior sound to common alternatives.


Options & Models

We have Cardioid, Hypercardioid, and Omni capsules, as singles or as closely matched pairs. See the matching criteria below.

All of our SDC capsules have the "MicParts" name engraved inside the capsule as a sign of authenticity.



These capsules are compatible with MicParts' own SDC, SDC-84, and "snare mic" microphone kits.

These capsules are compatible with the CAD GXL1200, MXL 603S, MXL 604, MXL 991, MXL 551, MXL V67N, MXL 840, Lauten LA-120, or Avantone CV-28.

These capsules fit the Nady CM-90, but will not screw all the way on to the microphone. That is, the capsules can be installed and do work on the CM-90, but you'll see a small gap between the capsule head and the mic body. Forcing the capsule to thread completely onto the mic will likely break the spring pin in the nosecone of the CM-90.

They are known to not be compatible with the Joe Meek JM27, MXL 993, Cascade M39, Schoeps CMC5, Studio Projects C4, Rode NT5, and Neumann KM84.

Compatibility with other models is unknown. We do not have a longer, secret list of compatible models here. If you wish to ask whether your obscure SDC is compatible, we'd love to help, but don't have an answer. You should first measure the outside diameter of your mic; if it is different than 22mm, it is not likely that our capsules will fit. If it is 22mm, you have the option of buying the capsules and trying them, or, send us your mic and we'll test it here.


Matching Criteria

To make matched pairs, we select Cardioid capsules that are within 0.3dB in sensitivity (measured at 1kHz) and 1.5dB in frequency response (50–15kHz). Choose these for the most coherent stereo image when using a pair of pencil microphones in ORTF, AB, or XY configurations.


Frequency Response (Cardioid)

MicParts SDC capsule frequency response comparison

The graph illustrates the sonic differences between common Chinese-made SDC capsules and our new premium capsules:

  • The MicParts SDC capsule has fuller, flatter, smoother low-frequency response.
  • The MicParts SDC capsule lacks the 5dB suck-out in the upper mids (4–7kHz) that is common to every typical Chinese-made SDC capsule we've tested.
  • The MicParts SDC capsule has a smoother, flatter, more natural top end response that will never sound hyped, shrill, or peaky.

Note the sharp peak in the blue trace: the response jumps +8dB between 5kHz and 9kHz. The MicParts capsule has much smoother output in this range, resulting in much more natural-sounding tracks that need less EQ to sit easily in a mix.


Frequency Response (Hypercardioid)

The HC capsule sounds very much like the Cardioid capsule on axis, as you would expect. It has slightly higher bass response: +1.5dB @ 100Hz, +3dB @ 80Hz.

At 90 degrees, the HC capsule has 5.5dB less response. This is an indication of its directionality. If you are close-miking a source and wish to have greater isolation, the HC capsule is a good choice, because its off-axis sensitivity is lower than the Cardioid capsule's off-axis sensitivity.


Frequency Response (Omni)

MXL's standard Omni capsule has a remarkably smooth response, but it is fairly bright on-axis: +4dB at 6kHz, and fairly dark off-axis (-3dB @ 9kHz).

We voiced our Omni to be more neutral on-axis, so it is more likely to be useful close to a source than the MXL capsule.

Because Omni capsules have no proximity effect, close mic placement can be used to accurately capture the sound of a source. The smooth and neutral response of our Omni capsule makes it a unique tool for such applications.


DIY Schoeps CMC5 Alternative

Build this transformerless SDC microphone for a fraction of the price of a CMC5.

DIY Neumann KM84 Alternative

Build this KM84 style SDC for a fraction of the price of the vintage original.


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