SDC Microphone Kit

$ 329.00 $ 349.00

The SDC microphone kit incorporates our Schoeps-clone circuit kit with our popular SDC capsules into an all-inclusive DIY microphone kit. This is a "do it yourself" microphone kit; it requires soldering, wiring, and assembly.

We have bundled these into two sets, with any of three capsules (Cardioid, Hyper, Omni):

  • The "single mic" kit includes the SDC mic body, circuit kit, SDC capsule, and a shockmount.
  • The "stereo matched pair" kit includes two donor mic bodies, two circuit kits, a hand-matched pair of SDC capsules, two shockmounts, and a compact flight case.

Each shockmount includes spare elastics.

We designed the flight case to store two microphones and two mounts. A fifth die-cut provides for future expansion (e.g., Cardioid, Omni, or Hypercardioid capsules).

If you purchase a single microphone kit, we cannot supply a match for it later. Customers interested in a matched pair should purchase the matched pair. Related: we do not expect to sell mounts or cases separately.

Initial quantities are extremely limited; if these items are marked "sold out," please check back in September, or subscribe to the mailing list to save yourself the trouble of having to check the website.

The introductory sales price will expire once the first few units have been sold.

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