Rycote Shockmount

$ 99.00

The Rycote Lyre suspension is superior to everything else we've seen. It offers better attenuation of mechanical vibrations, which means less rumble and noise in your tracks.

Large-diaphragm microphone shockmounts

The USM-L (with red Lyre) is best for lightweight microphones (up to 400g), including our S-87, S-47, S-12, as well as T-12 and T-47 condensers. Max mic diameter: 55mm.

The USM (black Lyre) is best for heavier mics (400-750g), such as our 12-251 and V12 tube mics, and the Studio Projects C1/C3. Max mic diameter: 55mm.

The USM-VB is for microphones whose diameters are 55-68mm, and up to 900g in weight. This is best for the MXL 990, MXL 770, and our S3-87, S3-47, S3-12.

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