Cutaway Shockmount (MicParts LDC)

$ 69.00

This is the Roswell Pro Audio "Cutaway™" shockmount, redesigned to fit the MicParts LDC microphones.

The "cutaway" design allows close positioning to a source. Mechanical isolation is provided by O-rings that do not resonate.


These mounts will be restocked in September or October 2024.

Superior Isolation

Typical shockmounts use elastic or rubber bands that can resonate sympathetically with your source material. That is, if the instrument you're recording produces a frequency that excites the elastic cords, then your shockmount will vibrate like the strings of a bass guitar. That sound would be heard by the microphone, and can't be fixed or EQ'd later. The sound of the shockmount colors your track.

The Cutaway™ design uses non-resonant silicone O-rings rather than elastic bands. These O-rings provide mechanical isolation without the risk of sympathetic vibration.

This design allows you to record your instrument, not your shockmount.


Cheap shockmounts grip the mic via a spring clamp. This design can fatigue over time, increasing the risk that the mic drops out of the mount.

The felt pad used to line the inside of the spring clip can compress and shift, allowing metal-to-metal contact from mount to mic that can damage the finish on the microphone.

The Cutaway mount avoids all these problems; the mic screws onto the mount, but makes no other contact with the shockmount cage. The mic is securely held, won't vibrate free, and won't be damaged by the shockmount.

Durable Materials

The Cutaway mount's frame and cage are made of metal, not plastic. With proper maintenance, these parts should last a lifetime.

The O-rings are made of silicone rubber. Depending on environmental factors and usage, they should last for several years, but will eventually need to be replaced. We include a few spare with each mount. Additional O-ring sets can be purchased here.

Open Cage Design

The front of the mount's cage is open, to allow close positioning of the mic to a source.

Eliminating bars and mechanisms from the front of the microphone also eliminates unwanted acoustic reflections and shadowing that could color the sound of the microphone.


This mount fits the MicParts S-87, S-47, S-12, T-47, T-12, and T-67 microphones. It does not fit the S3 series.

This mount also fits the Audio-Technica AT2020 and Digital Reference DR-CX1 (which is a re-badged AT2020, so far as we can tell).

It does not fit the AT2035, AT3035, or AT4050; these models do not have threads on the XLR shaft.

It does not fit the MXL V67G or MXL 440 or any other mic whose mounting threads are recessed within the lower part of the mic body.

It does not fit the Rode NT1-A or the black NT1; both of these microphones use a smaller diameter XLR shaft than this mount expects.

This version of the Cutaway mount does not fit the Roswell Mini K microphones, or the MicParts S-25 / T-25 / S-25 TT; all of those mics fit the Cutaway mount for Mini K microphones.

We have no further compatibility information than what is shown here.


The package includes one shockmount, two spare O-rings, and a thread adaptor for European mic stands.

The photos show the mount with our S- and T-series metalwork (in metallic gray and blue powdercoat colors). Those microphones are not included with the mount, which you might think would be obvious, except that someone asked.

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