Carson 5X MiniBrite LED Aspheric Magnifier

$ 9.99 $ 15.00

This is our go-to benchtop magnifier. It has a 5x aspheric lens with a built-in LED.

Passive electronic components are small. The part numbers on them are necessarily small. If you can't read them, you need this magnifier.

Looking for a bad solder joint? You need this magnifier.

Need a little more light on your project? Slide open this magnifier; it has an LED inside that turns on automatically. (You'll need to supply three AAA batteries.)

This magnifier sits next to the soldering iron on the workbench here at MicParts HQ. It's a must-have for DIY electronics projects. We like it so much we became a Carson dealer, just so we can spread the word about this product.

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