S-87 Microphone

$ 579.00

The S-87 Microphone

The S-87 microphone is a large-diaphragm condenser inspired by the U87.

This mic's frequency response is very close to the U87's, above 1kHz. But where the U87 rolls off the low end, the S-87 does not -- the circuit is flat to 20Hz.

The S-87 has higher sensitivity than the U87Ai, and significantly higher output than the older U87i. The S-87 also has lower noise and distortion than either U87 circuit.

Hundreds of S-87 owners have purchased this mic for voiceover, preferring it to the TLM103 or U87Ai.

Inside the S-87 is a small configuration switch. The switch can either activate a 10dB pad (lowering the mic's sensitivity, allowing the mic to record louder sources without clipping) or as a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch. Use the menu above to choose your preference.

To access the switch, spin the endcap off the microphone, and slide the body sleeve down. (No tools are required to open the microphone.)


Voice Artist Testimonials

The S-87 is a field-proven voiceover microphone, with thousands of movie trailer, animation, and game credits accrued over the past five years.

“It has been an absolute delight!! Every engineer I’ve worked with says it’s great! Thank you for making my job easy.”

- Alejandro Saab, Voice Artist

(Dragonball Legends, Pokemon, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, 100+ IMDB credits)

“I LOVE the S-87. My wife and I both have been swapping it back and forth with our Sennheiser 416 depending on the gig. When we use it, we tell our clients it's a U87. And nobody's ever questioned its authenticity. Absolutely fantastic microphone!”

- Kyle McCarley, Voice Artist

(Nier:Automata, Mobile Suite Gundam, Mob Psycho 100, Infinity Train, 100+ IMDB credits)

“Your S-87 has improved my career! I work on it practically every day now. It works absolutely perfectly!

It is one of the most important buys I’ve made!”

- Zeno Robinson, Voice Artist

(Dragon Ball Super, Young Justice, Attack on Titan, Mermaid High, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, 100+ IMDB credits)

Platinum Edition

Following the model we established for the Platinum V-251, we have developed a Platinum Edition of the S-87 microphone. This microphone retains all the characteristics and performance that have made the S-87 a best-seller, while incorporating numerous upgrades to critical signal-path components.

To name just a few: the JFET is a new higher-voltage component, selected for low noise, and individually biased for maximum headroom. Filter capacitors are our own bespoke, custom made parts, arguably the best in the world. Signal capacitors are NOS, European made film capacitors. Output transistors are carefully matched.

Every S-87 is individually hand-tuned to ensure that it sounds exactly like the mics you've seen all the great reviews of.

The Platinum S-87 uses a new brass body, giving the mic a physical heft to match its sound. (Note - the brass body is available in matte black only.)

The Platinum mic weighs 400g, as compared to 315g for the standard edition.


This mic's neutral response, low noise, and low distortion make it a versatile, all-purpose studio mic. We have heard great results on vocals, voiceover, acoustic strings, ensembles, percussion, piano, bass, and more.


In The Box

The S-87 includes a heavy-duty swivel mount and a vinyl storage pouch.


Recommended Shockmount

We recommend the Roswell Pro Audio "Cutaway™" shockmount, available exclusively here.

DIY Option

If you have the tools, interest, and DIY audio experience, you can build this mic from our all-inclusive kit; see the S-87 microphone kit.

(There is no DIY version of the Platinum S-87, or any Platinum edition microphone.)


Custom Colors

If you'd like to buy an S-87 in a color other than black, see our custom powdercoat color options. Add one of those to your shopping cart with the S-87, and we'll ship your mic in your chosen color.



These microphones are built to order in our US headquarters. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, testing, burn-in, and final QC. Click here for the latest news about custom mic ordering times.

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