Kick/Snare Microphone Bundle

$ 1,237.00 $ 1,387.00

This 3-piece bundle includes:

  • Two MicParts Snare Mics
  • 1 Roswell Mini K47 KD microphone for kick drum
  • Shockmounts for each mic
  • Single flight case to store all 3 microphones (with mounts)


Snare/Tom Mics

The MicParts "Snare Mic" is a wonderful tool for recording snare (top and/or bottom), toms, or hi-hat. This bundle includes two of these high-SPL pencil mics.


Kick Drum Mic

The Roswell Mini K47 KD is a large-diaphragm condenser purpose-built for kick drum. It works well on inside and outside placements. It gives a huge bottom end with a natural sound, not a clicky or artificial sound.

Read more about the Roswell Mini K47 KD.


Bundle Pricing

The 3-mic set is priced $150 below the cost of the individual mics.

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