Multitrack Microphone

$ 999.00 $ 1,299.00

This large-diaphragm, transformerless microphone has two audio outputs: one each for the front side and rear side of the capsule. This design allows the polar pattern for a recording to be changed later in the production process; Cardioid, Omni, Figure-8, or any intermediate pattern can be created by combining the front and rear tracks according to the mix matrix below.

This enables creative production techniques, such as using a narrower Cardioid pattern for an intimate verse section, and a wider pattern with increase ambience for a chorus.

The circuit is derived from the Schoeps CMC5 design; it incorporates 10 years' worth of our research into component selection, noise reduction, and resolution enhancement. The capsule is specially selected for neutral response and tight front-to-rear frequency matching. We individually tune each mic for a flat, extended frequency response.



The Multitrack Mic is bundled with the Roswell Cutaway™ shockmount, which provides secure mounting and excellent mechanical isolation, without introducing mechanical resonances.

We also include an XLR5 breakout cable, which we build in-house using Gotham GAC3 cable and Neutrik connectors. (For reference, Neumann's version of this cable, the "AC 20," retails for $169.) The female XLR5 end plugs into the mic; the two male XLR3 connectors would plug into standard 3-pin mic cables for connection to your preamp or interface.

Note that you'll need 2 open channels to record the front and rear sides of this mic simultaneously.


Cosmetic Options

The mic body is finished in a satin black powdercoat. The front of the mic is marked with our vintage logo 'MP' badge.

We can build this mic with either a Satin Nickel grille or Black Chrome. Choose via the menu above.


We have a very limited number of these mics, with no plans to re-stock once this production run is sold.

We build these to order; allow 5 business days between order and shipping.


Mix Matrix

Record both mic outputs, to two tracks. Combine the two recorded tracks at mix time to produce the indicated polar pattern:

Pattern Front Channel Rear Channel
Cardioid 100% Off
Omni 100% 100%
Figure 8 100% 100%, reversed polarity
Wide Cardioid 100% 20-80%
Sub Cardioid 100% 20-80%, reversed polarity

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