V-251 Tube Mic Platinum Edition

$ 1,999.00

Orders placed today for the Platinum V-251 will be shipped between June 25 and July 15.

The V-251 Microphone is a recreation and reimagination of one of the most famous tube microphones in history, the Telefunken ElaM 251.

While our V-251 DIY kit provides an enviable microphone -- one which regularly stands up to or beats commercial alternatives at 2-3 times the price -- this Platinum edition takes the product to another level. We've worked through the entire circuit of both the mic and power supply, looking for upgrade options. We designed new circuit boards for both the mic and power supply to accommodate all the new components chosen for this product.

The Platinum edition is not available as a DIY kit, and will not be offered as a DIY kit. It has limited availability, due to the limited availability of the vintage parts we've chosen. These are built by hand in our Northern California shop, burned in and tested extensively. This is very much a boutique product, built to order.


Improvements to Vintage

Our V-251 improves on the original design in the following ways:

  • We use higher-value, audiophile-grade resistors to reduce the noise floor as compared to vintage European models -- without losing any tone or character.
  • We include a pad switch on the mic, to enable recording higher-SPL sources.
  • We include a high-pass filter switch on the mic, to enable control over proximity effect.
  • We provide nine polar patterns (the original mic had three). The pattern control is on the power supply.


Partial List of Upgrades

The Platinum Edition mics include rare/vintage/NOS component upgrades that are not available in the DIY kits. In the mic, ~40% of the passive components are upgraded, including every passive component in the audio path, plus the transformer. In the power supply, more than 60% of the components are upgraded: diodes, resistors, capacitors, bridge rectifiers.

We replace the mic's standard grille with our chrome C12 style, and bundle the GAC7 XLR cable.

Audio output and ground wires within the PSU are upgraded to solid-core, high purity copper.


  • One hand-built-in-California boutique tube microphone, using our proprietary upgrades to the vintage ElaM 251 circuit, acclaimed RK-12 edge-terminated capsule, and European T/14 output transformer.
  • Spider-style elastic shockmount. This attaches to the mic with two thumbscrews to tighten felt-lined metal bands around the mic body.
  • Hand-built, Platinum edition VPS1 power supply with vented, silver powdercoated housing. The VPS1 is compatible with, and tested for either 115VAC and 230VAC mains power (depending on customer location). The Platinum Edition VPS includes upgrades to ~85% of the passive components on the board, and in fact requires a new PCB to accommodate them.
  • Gotham GAC7 XLR cable.
  • AudioQuest IEC power cord (for US/Canadian plugs).
  • Aluminum flightcase.



We are accepting pre-orders for the June production run. These will be available for domestic US customers only.

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