Single SDC Microphone

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We make two types of small-diaphragm condenser:

  • Transformerless (based on Schoeps CMC5)
  • Transformer coupled (based on Neumann KM84)


The frequency response difference between these two is minimal, because frequency response is determined by the capsule -- which is the same for both mics. Both of these models share a Cardioid capsule design. Hypercardioid and Omni capsules are available separately; click here for more info on SDC capsules.

These two mics differ in headroom, dynamic range, saturation, harmonic coloration. The transformerless head amp has higher headroom, greater dynamic range, minimal distortion. The transformer head amp creates even-order harmonic saturation, and compresses transients slightly.

Both designs have low noise -- although it's worth pointing out that condenser mic capsule self-noise is inversely proportional to active diaphragm diameter. That's a long way of saying that large capsules have lower noise. If your application demands the lowest possible noise floor, see our S-87, which has extremely high sensitivity and extremely low noise.

Small-diaphragm mics have superior transient response, and tend to have less off-axis coloration due to their single-diaphragm design.

Sensitivity Mod Option

By default, we'll build a small amount of feedback into the SDC-84, which allows the microphone to be used for moderate volume sources without clipping. If you plan to use this mic as a drum overhead, this is the best option. If you would only ever use this mic for quieter sources, such as acoustic strings, acoustic guitar, or piano, let us know after you order and we can optimize the mic for higher sensitivity.

By default, we build the transformerless SDC with no input attenuation. Its greater dynamic range allows it to accommodate moderate volume sources without modification.

DIY Option

These microphone are alternatively available as DIY kits:

Construction details

The microphone body is brass, plated in satin silver finish. The capsule is our own cardioid design. The circuit is handbuilt in California using premium electronic components. The transformer in the SDC-84 is custom-wound in the US for this microphone.

Both models include a shockmount, spare elastics, and a zipper pouch.

Stereo pairs and other options

We offer both these models as matched stereo pairs; the pairs include a compact flight case. We also offer 3-piece sets, including the Roswell KD for kick drum, for artists and engineers looking for a 3-piece drum mic kit. See these options in our handbuilt microphones catalog.


These microphones are built to order in our US headquarters. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, testing, burn-in, and final QC. Click here for the latest news about custom mic ordering times.

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