S-87 Microphone

$ 579.00

The S-87 microphone is a large-diaphragm condenser inspired by the U87.

This mic's frequency response is very very close to the U87's, above 1kHz. But where the U87 rolls off the low end, the S-87 does not -- the circuit is flat to 10Hz or below.

The S-87 has higher sensitivity than the U87Ai, and significantly higher output than the older U87i: 40mV/Pa vs. 28mV/Pa vs 8mV/Pa respectively. Said another way, the S-87 has 14dB higher output (at the same preamp gain level) than the U87i. This means the S-87 will need much less preamp gain than the U87i, and somewhat less than the U87Ai, resulting in less hiss in your recorded tracks.

Meanwhile, the S-87 has lower noise than either U87 circuit. This is due in part to the transformerless electronics of the S-87.

Inside the S-87 is a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch. To access it, spin the endcap off the microphone, and slide the body sleeve down. The pattern switch is inside the mic, on the circuit board.

The S-87 includes a swivel mount and a vinyl storage pouch.

We build these to order, and perform a 24-hour burn-in prior to audio testing. Therefore your mic would ship 3-5 business days after the order is placed.

If you have the tools, interest, and DIY audio experience, you can build this mic from our all-inclusive kit; see the S-87 microphone kit.

If you'd like to buy an S-87 in a color other than black, see our custom powdercoat color options. Add one of those to your shopping cart with the S-87, and we'll ship your mic in your chosen color.

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