T47 Microphone

$ 599.00

The T47 is a premium transformer-coupled large-diaphragm microphone, featuring our solid brass RK-47 capsule and a vintage circuit design. This is a fantastic microphone for male vocals, piano, electric and acoustic guitars.

Two hidden switches (inside the mic) provide a -10dB pad and Cardioid/Omni pattern control.

The mic ships with a zipper pouch and a swivel mount. Multiple color options are available; order via the color options page. These custom powdercoat finish options would have to be ordered at the same time as the microphone.

If you are interested in building this microphone from a kit, see the T-47 Microphone Kit.

Platinum Edition

The Platinum Edition T-47 incorporates upgrades throughout the circuit, notably including the JFET and output transformer. Several capacitors are upgraded to our own bespoke formulation (based on the famous Black Gate recipe). 

The mic body is upgraded to heavy brass, with a matte black finish; the grille is satin nickel. Optionally, you could upgrade to the copper grille, badge, and end cap; see custom color options. (If a custom powdercoat body color is ordered, the body material would be aluminum.)


These microphones are built to order in our US headquarters. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, testing, burn-in, and final QC. Click here for the latest news about custom mic ordering times.

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