Microphone Color Upgrades for MicParts Mics/Kits

$ 40.00 $ 45.00

These are not for sale separately.

Use this page to order color upgrades for your T-12, T-47, T-67, S-87, S-12, and S-47 microphones or kits in the same shopping cart.

These color upgrades are NOT compatible with: S-25, T-25, S3 series, SDCs, or tube mics.

What is this?

The photos here show finished microphones, which is admittedly confusing. This page does not offer completed microphones, nor does it offer empty mic bodies for sale.

Rather, this page allows microphone and DIY microphone kit customers to upgrade the standard mic body that is normally included with the large-diaphragm S- and T-series products.

Orders for these color upgrades must be accompanied by an order for a compatible microphone or DIY kit in the same "shopping cart." Orders for just the color upgrade, with no compatible mic kit in the same order, will be processed once the mic kit order is received, assuming the requested color is still available at that time.


The Most FAQ

Q: I want a different color than the options here. Do you have any?

A: No. We have offered different colors in the past; those have been discontinued.


Finish Details

Most of the colors shown here are "powdercoat" finishes. Powdercoating is a dry painting process that is oven-cured at 200°C (~400°F). In the heat of the oven, the dry pigment particles melt and bond to form an extraordinarily strong, durable surface.

All these mic bodies have a small vintage-style diamond shaped "MP" logo badge affixed to the front. These badges are made of antiqued, embossed brass.

Matte / Satin Finishes

The Rat Rod, Kawi Green, and Sea Foam colors are low-gloss, matte/satin finishes. Both Rat Rod and Kawi Green are slightly textured.

Glossy Finishes

The Metallic Blue, Metallic Gray, and Mystic Purple colors have a glossy finish.

The options labelled "minor blemish" have imperfections in the finish, such as pinholes, rub marks, or surface scratches. These are sold at a discount.

The "Black with Copper Trim" option, introduced January 2023, includes a painted black body with a cylindrical (rather than tapered) grille. The grille and end cap have an antiqued copper finish. The MP logo badge has a matching copper finish, too (unlike the photo above).



Consider all of these to be short-run options. If you see something you like, buy it, because it might not be restocked. 

We try to keep this page updated with available colors and quantities, but there is a possibility that you order something we don't have in stock. If you choose something that we don't have available, we will ship a black body and refund the custom color fee.


These color upgrades are sold below our cost to produce them, which is one of the reasons availability is limited.

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