T12 Microphone

$ 599.00

The T12 is a premium transformer-coupled large-diaphragm microphone, featuring our popular RK-12 capsule and a vintage circuit design (an upgraded version of the Neumann KM84 circuit). This is a fantastic microphone for vocals, drum overheads (with internal pad enabled), large-body acoustic guitars, ensembles, and more.

Two hidden switches (inside the mic) provide a -10dB pad and Cardioid/Omni pattern control. If you plan to record high-SPL sources, we would recommend building the pad with a higher value, such as -15dB. Make this request at the time of your order.

Greg Wells' Review

Greg Wells is credited with 85 million units sold (including Adele). Here's what he says about the T-12:



The mic ships with a zipper pouch and a swivel mount. Multiple color options are available at no extra change; see the color options page for details. Specify your top two colors at the time of your order. If you do not specify, we will ship the mic in the pictured Matte Green finish.

(The matte green microphone pictured on this page is a T-47, not a T-12. The T-12 would of course have our edge-terminated RK-12 capsule in it. The photo is intended to show the color and logo badge.)

This microphone is also available as a DIY kit; see the T-12 Microphone Kit.

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