Capsule Matching Fee for Stereo DIY Kits

$ 85.00

If you wish to build a matched pair of S-series, S3-series, T-series, or 12-251 microphones, we can supply matched capsules.

Our large-diaphragm capsules can be matched to within 0.3dB sensitivity and about 1.5dB in frequency response, 50Hz–15,000Hz.

Add this item to your cart along with two of the microphone kits, and we'll upgrade the kits to use matched capsules.

Note: The circuit in the S-47, S-12, and S-87 is very well-matched from one to the next. The T-47 and T-12 circuit might vary slightly due to individual JFET performance. The tube mic kits might vary slightly due to tube performance. We do not guarantee that JFETs and tubes will be matched (although we would expect them to be very close).

Some customers have tried to match an S-87 with an S3-87, or S-12 with S3-12, etc. Be aware that these microphones are not identical. The S3 uses a larger body with a different grille; this causes some minor differences in high frequency response when compared to an identical capsule in an S-series body. Also, the S3 circuit has 4-6dB lower output, because the S-series circuit uses "true cardioid" mode that is not available in a 3-pattern mic like the S3. You are welcome to order the matching upgrade for these two different mics (meaning, one S-series and one S3 series), but you should know that the two mics won't have equal output levels and might have a slight frequency response difference at the extreme ends of the frequency spectrum.

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