12-251 Microphone Kit

$ 599.00

The 12-251 microphone kit includes:

  • C12-style tube microphone body (in either of two finishes)
  • Elastic shockmount, foam windscreen, 7-pin XLR cable
  • Power supply (complete and US-tested) with 9-position polar pattern switch and US power cord
  • Complete custom circuit kit, based on the ElaM 251: circuit boards, premium components, tube, transformer, best-in-class assembly instructions
  • RK-12 capsule
  • Custom, locking flightcase with die-cut foam

This kit includes everything needed to build a C12/ElaM 251 style tube microphone -- just add solder and a few hours' time.


Mic Body Finish Options

The microphone body is a heavy brass cylinder. It is unbranded (no logo). Choose from a painted black finish, or a silver metalic powdercoat finish. Click the small photos on this page to see a preview of each color. Order either color from this page, using the pulldown option menu above.

The silver powdercoat bodies are backordered until February 15, 2018.


Power supply options

This kit includes a Chinese-made power supply. We test its output voltage prior to shipping, to ensure normal operation. The circuit kit includes modification parts for this power supply, to change its output voltage to work properly with the microphone.

Alternatively, you could upgrade this kit to use our premium, MOSFET-regulated power supply. This is a modern design with very low noise, rock-solid regulation (no voltage drift), and excellent filtering. There are two ways to do this: buy the PSU kit, or buy a built/tested PSU.

To build the premium power supply yourself, add the VPS1 Circuit Kit to your cart. Instead of sending you the Chinese-made PSU that normally comes with this kit, we'll ship you the chassis and case (flat black painted finish), Neutrik XLR jacks, power transformer, custom PCB, components, and our excellent DIY instruction manual.

If you don't wish to build the PSU yourself, order our prebuilt premium tube mic power supply. These are handbuilt in California and extensively tested. You would not need to build or modify this power supply; it is complete and ready to plug in. Order it here and choose the "upgrade bundle" option for discounted pricing. We would ship the built VPS1, with a silver powdercoat finish, and (for US domestic customers only) a premium AudioQuest IEC power cable, in place of the Chinese supply that normally comes with this kit. Note - the upgrade bundle pricing is only available if the PSU is ordered in the same shopping cart as the 12-251 kit.

XLR cable options

The 12-251 kit comes with an inexpensive 7-pin XLR cable. Once the 12-251 is complete, the XLR cable is the weak link in the audio chain. We recommend upgrading it to our premium tube mic cable, made with Gotham GAC-7 and Neutrik connectors.

International power cords

This kit includes an IEC power cord for US wall outlets. We can ship this kit anywhere in the world; the PSU (both models) has a 115V/230V switch. Non-US customers will have to source their own IEC power cord.

More details

The headbasket is our C12 grille recreation, with 2-layer metal mesh grille, in a chrome finish.

The 7-pin XLR insert is included. We also provide color-coded, pre-cut and tinned silver/Teflon wiring, as well at heat-shrink insulation.

The circuit kit is our version of the ElaM 251 circuit. We include a custom-wound (US made) transformer, and a Russian 6072 tube (tested for low noise, low microphonics).

Difficulty Level

This is an advanced kit. Stuffing the two small circuit boards is easy, but the wiring task is complex. Our documentation is excellent (and includes an innovative full-color wiring map), but you must be able to form good solder joints reliably, and follow written instructions accurately, if you wish to build this kit.

The non-DIY option (we build it for you)

If you want this mic but don't have the confidence, tools, or experience to build it, we can build it for you. See the V12 Tube Microphone.

Shipping Charges

The total shipping weight of the 12-251 kit is over 15 lbs (6.8kg). For domestic US addresses, the website will calculate actual shipping costs for three carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx).

For international orders, there are two primary options for shipping:

  • If you go through the checkout process in English and USD, you'll see realtime cost calculations for DHL, UPS, FedEx, USPS. We recommend UPS or DHL. UPS Expedited and DHL Express are the fastest shipping options with reasonable costs.
  • If you go through the checkout process in your local language and local currency,  PayPal will subsidize the international shipping cost. However, this program adds at least 7 days to the delivery time, even for the "express" option. Also, because this program does not cover our outbound shipping costs on large items, we will bill you USD $15 for additional handling fees after your order comes in. For more information, see the "indirect shipping" section here.

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