S-25 Microphone

$ 299.00

The S-25 is a professional quality condenser microphone with a remarkably musical frequency response -- not hyped in the high end like so many inexpensive microphones.

It is also not built overseas from off-brand parts, like so many inexpensive microphones. We build these by hand in California using our own custom designed circuit boards and hand-selected parts. We manually bias every JFET to ensure maximum headroom before distortion. We use film-and-foil signal capacitors imported from Germany, because they sound better than the cheaper alternatives.

The microphone has a Cardioid polar pattern and a switchable -10dB pad (via internal switch).


The S-25 is extremely versatile, thanks to its neutral tone, high output level, and switchable pad. It works very well on vocals, acoustic guitar, drum overheads, and percussion. Hear audio samples below.

In the Box

The S-25 kit includes a zipper pouch and a swivel mount.

If you need a shockmount, we strongly recommend the Rycote USM-L.


We provide a 30-day warranty on all our microphones. (See also the returns policy.)

Audio Samples

These were made quickly, just to give you an idea of the capabilities of the mic.

Voiceover (vs. U87 Ai)

Drum Overheads

RecorderMan position, mic pads engaged, no EQ, no compression, no kick mic.


Matching Option

If you need a matched pair of microphones, we can manually tune two microphones to within 1dB in sensitivity and 2dB in frequency response (50 - 15000Hz) for an additional $50.

DIY option

If you are able to solder, you can build this microphone from a kit.

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