S-12 Microphone

$ 579.00

The S-12 microphone is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. It is not a clone or copy of any other model, but rather a nicely balanced vocal and acoustic instrument microphone with a full bottom end and sparkle in the high frequencies.

Inside the S-87 is a small configuration switch. The switch can either activate a 10dB pad (lowering the mic's sensitivity, allowing the mic to record louder sources without clipping) or as a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch. Use the menu above to choose your preference.

To access the switch, spin the endcap off the microphone, and slide the body sleeve down. (No tools are required to open the microphone.)



We. recommend this model for voices, acoustic strings, ensembles, and choruses.


In The Box

The S-12 includes a swivel mount and a vinyl storage pouch.


DIY Option

If you have the tools, interest, and DIY audio experience, you can build this mic from our all-inclusive kit; see the S-12 microphone kit.


Custom Colors

If you'd like to buy an S-12 in a color other than black, see our custom powdercoat color options. Add one of those to your shopping cart with the S-87, and we'll ship your mic in your chosen color.



These microphones are built to order in our US headquarters. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, testing, burn-in, and final QC. Click here for the latest news about custom mic ordering times.

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