V-47 Tube Microphone

$ 989.00

The V47 is our custom-built tube microphone, handmade in California using premium parts. (The circuit was updated and upgraded in early 2022.)


  • Solid brass, 34mm, single-backplate K47 capsule
  • Vintage tone
  • 9 polar patterns
  • Elastic shockmount
  • Power supply
  • Robust flightcase

The capsule is our K47 recreation, the RK-47. The tube is a low-noise, selected 6072a type from Russia. The circuit is a modernized, low-noise and high headroom version of a vintage tube mic circuit design. We build these to order in our California shop with handpicked, audiophile-grade parts including a custom US-made transformer.

Quantities are limited.


Color Options

The V-47 is available in a painted black finish with antiqued brass MP logo badge.

The silver mic metalwork is not in production at this time. If you require a silver microphone, we recommend buying the black one and painting it.


Power supply options

This microphone includes our standard power supply. It is an imported, zener-regulated supply that is comparable to what you would get with most any commercial tube mic under $1000.

As an alternative, we offer a custom, US-made premium tube mic power supply. These are handbuilt in California. To upgrade your V-47 to this premium PSU, order it here and choose the "upgrade bundle" option for discounted pricing. Note - the upgrade bundle pricing is only available if the PSU is ordered in the same shopping cart as the V-47 microphone.

This microphone includes an IEC power cord for US wall outlets. We can ship this kit anywhere in the world; the PSU (both models) has a 115V/230V switch. Non-US customers will have to source their own IEC power cord.



These microphones are built to order in our US headquarters. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, testing, burn-in, and final QC. Click here for the latest news about custom mic ordering times.

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