VPS1 - Premium Tube Mic Power Supply

$ 399.00

The "VPS1" is our custom, premium tube mic power supply, designed and built in the US.

Rather than the Zener-regulated design found in most Chinese-made power supplies, we use a MOSFET-regulated design with significantly improved filtering.

Features & Benefits

  • Low drop-out regulator ensures voltage regulation despite temperature and AC line variations
  • Adjustable B+ voltage (via internal trimpot)
  • Adjustable heater voltage (via internal trimpot) allows compensation for voltage drop in long or sub-par XLR7 cables
  • Multi-stage noise filtering
  • Large heatsinks ensure lower operating temperature and long-term reliability
  • Soft-start heater voltage (4 second ramp) eliminates power-on current surge, to extend tube life
  • Voltage filtering in pattern selection circuit to eliminate "pops" when changing patterns
  • Neutrik XLR3 and XLR7 connectors
  • US milspec silver/Teflon wiring
  • Durable, powder-coated vintage silver metalflake finish
  • AudioQuest NRG-X3 IEC power cord with long-grain copper and helical array geometry reduces cable-induced distortion (MSRP $99)


The VPS1 is compatible with the following tube microphones:

XLR7 pinout:

  • Pin 1: plate voltage, 120VDC (adjustable via trimmer)
  • Pin 2: heater voltage, 6.1VDC (adjustable via trimmer)
  • Pin 3: rear diaphragm voltage (0VDC for Omni, 60VDC for Cardioid, 120VDC for Fig8)
  • Pin 4: ground
  • Pin 5: audio out from microphone
  • Pin 6: audio out from microphone
  • Pin 7: ground
  • Shield: ground

You'll want an appropriate cable

We strongly recommend pairing this power supply with our Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable. We think this is the finest tube mic cable in the world.

*Upgrade Bundle Pricing

The "upgrade bundle" pricing option offered above is valid only if you are buying our 12-251 kit, V-47 kit, or V-12 microphone in the same shopping cart. The discounted price reflects the swap from the standard power supply (which would have been included with those products) to this premium US-made power supply.


International Orders

We do not currently stock the NRG-X3 cord for non-US outlets; if your order is shipped outside the US, we will remove the NRG-X3 cord from your order and rebate the purchase by USD $50.