t.bone SC400 Mods

t.bone SC400

The t.bone SC-400 is a small transformerless microphone, essentially identical to the CAD GXL2400. It suffers from all the same problems: low-quality parts and processes, and a peaky-sounding capsule.

We offer multiple modification options that will dramatically upgrade the t.bone SC400:

  1. Capsule replacement
  2. Full circuit replacement
  3. Grille replacement

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

If you find your SC400 to be bright, peaky, sibilant, or harsh-sounding GXL2400, the quick and easy fix is to swap its capsule for a K47 type. This will give your mic a much more balanced and useful frequency response. We recommend the RK-47 or RK7.

Or, if you choose to install either of the two circuit mod kits below, you could opt for a more brightly voiced capsule like our RK-12 or RK-47, to achieve alternative sonic colors.

#3: MP-V57 PCB Kit

MP-V57 Circuit Upgrade Kit

Our premium circuit mod for the SC400 (and similar mics) includes two new made-in-the-US circuit boards, and 100% of the components needed to populate them. The resulting circuit is capable of extraordinary performance, with best-in-class specs for sensitivity and noise. Also, it is a bit easier to install than the "pushbutton filter" mod, because it doesn't require desoldering components from the fragile Chinese-made PCBs in the donor mic.

The MP-V57 PCB kit has an internal switch that can be built either as a -10dB pad, or (assuming you install one of our large-diaphragm capsules) as a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch.

Click for more information on our MP-V57 PCB kit.

#4: Grille upgrade

New grille for SC400

If the painted black SC400 grille has become an eyesore, check out our C12-style grille for a dramatic visual upgrade.

The new grille fits the SC400's chassis without modification, and seems to open up the sound of the mic due to the increased volume and less-constricting mesh.

Click through to see a photo of our t.bone SC400 demo mic with this grille installed.