t.bone SC400 Mods

t.bone SC400

The t.bone SC-400 is a small transformerless microphone, essentially identical to the CAD GXL2400. It suffers from all the same problems: low-quality parts and processes, and a peaky-sounding capsule.

We offer multiple modification options that will dramatically upgrade the t.bone SC400:

  1. Capsule replacement
  2. Circuit upgrade
  3. Full PCB replacement
  4. Grille replacement

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

If you find your SC400 to be bright, peaky, sibilant, or harsh-sounding GXL2400, the quick and easy fix is to swap its capsule for a K47 type. This will give your mic a much more balanced and useful frequency response. We recommend the RK-47 or RK7.

Or, if you choose to install either of the two circuit mod kits below, you could opt for a more brightly voiced capsule like our RK-12 or RK-47, to achieve alternative sonic colors.

#2: "Pushbutton Filter" circuit upgrade kit for t.bone SC400

t.bone SC400 circuit upgrade kit

It is possible to rewire and reconfigure the existing circuit, with the beneficial effects of raising sensitivity and lowering the noise floor. Our circuit upgrade kit for the SC400 does that, and lowers distortion too, while retaining the functionality of the high-pass filter switch.

You can even use this circuit kit to create high-frequency rolloff in the circuit (as found in the U87), to remove some of the peaky-bright harshness from the t.bone capsule.

Click for more information on our "Pushbutton Filter" Upgrade Kit for t.bone SC400.

#3: MP-V57 PCB Kit

Our premium circuit mod for the SC400 (and similar mics) includes two new made-in-the-US circuit boards, and 100% of the components needed to populate them. The resulting circuit is capable of extraordinary performance, with best-in-class specs for sensitivity and noise. Also, it is a bit easier to install than the "pushbutton filter" mod, because it doesn't require desoldering components from the fragile Chinese-made PCBs in the donor mic.

The MP-V57 PCB kit has an internal switch that can be built either as a -10dB pad, or (assuming you install one of our large-diaphragm capsules) as a Cardioid/Omni pattern switch.

Click for more information on our MP-V57 PCB kit.

#4: Grille upgrade

New grille for SC400

If the painted black SC400 grille has become an eyesore, check out our C12-style grille for a dramatic visual upgrade.

The new grille fits the SC400's chassis without modification, and seems to open up the sound of the mic due to the increased volume and less-constricting mesh.

Click through to see a photo of our t.bone SC400 demo mic with this grille installed.