Apex 435 Mods

Apex 435

We have three modification options for the Apex 435: replace the capsule with one of our premium large-diaphragm models, upgrade the grille, and/or upgrade the audio circuit with our field-proven suite of modifications.

Although the stock capsule in the Apex 435 is not wonderful, it can be properly EQ'd via our circuit mod, to remove the sharp high-frequency peak -- making the microphone significantly more balanced and useful for a wide variety of sources, at a budget price.

That said, we always recommend replacing the capsule in this mic, simply because our capsules sound so much better.

#1: Capsule Replacement

RK-47 capsule

Replacing the 435's capsule is an easy way to completely change and improve the sound of the microphone. Because the mic's circuit is linear with respect to frequency, a K47 style capsule like our RK-47 would suit the stock circuit much better than the undersized K67 type supplied by Apex. The RK-47 would give the mic a neutral top end, great midrange detail, and a much more balanced sound.

If you choose to install our circuit mod kit, too, you could opt for a more brightly voiced capsule like our RK-12 or RK-47, to achieve alternative sonic colors.

#2: Grille upgrade

New grille for Apex 435

Our Apex 435 replacement grille is a dramatic visual upgrade for the Apex 435. The grille fits the 435's chassis without modification, and seems to open up the sound of the mic due to the increased volume and less-constricting mesh.

Click through to see a photo of our 435 demo mic with this grille installed.

#3: "Pushbutton Filter" circuit upgrade kit for Apex 435

Apex 435 circuit upgrade kit

We make a circuit upgrade kit specifically for the Apex 435. It replaces 100% of the mic's audio circuit, and optimizes the DC oscillator circuit too. The result is higher sensitivity, lower noise, lower distortion, and a more pristine signal path.

Click for more information on our "Pushbutton Filter" Upgrade Kit for Apex 435.