Tube mic power supply

$ 75.00

This is a replacement power supply for the Apex 460 and other popular inexpensive tube microphones.

It is new and unbranded. The front panel contains a 9-position polar pattern switch.

We test the high-voltage line on every unit to ensure proper operation. We provide a 30-day guarantee against failure.

Here are the output voltages for this PSU, as measured with a stock Apex 460 connected:

  • XLR1 (plate voltage, tube pin 6): 135VDC
  • XLR2 (heater voltage, tube pins 4-5): 6.2VDC
  • XLR3 (rear diaphragm polarization): 55-60VDC in Cardioid

Audio input connector: XLR7 (female)

Audio output connector: XLR3 (male)

A recessed switch on the back panel allows the supply to be switched from 115VAC to 230VAC.

This PSU includes a US power cord.


We guarantee this PSU to be compatible with the Alctron T11-A and its clones, including the Apex 460, Apex 460B, Carvin CTM-100. It is also compatible with our own 12-251, V-47, and V12 microphones.

It is known to not be compatible with Rode tube microphones, which have a different pinout and different voltage requirements.

Color Options

We offer two colors for the power supply cover: matte black, or satin silver titanium. The latter is a durable powdercoat; these silver covers have been heat-treated for longevity. The silver units are sold at our cost of $10 additional per unit. The supply of these parts is limited.