Tube mic power supply

$ 89.00

This is a replacement power supply for the Apex 460 and other popular inexpensive tube microphones.

It is new and unbranded. The front panel contains a 9-position polar pattern switch, XLR3 output (male), and XLR7 input (female).

We test all 3 voltages (B+, pattern, heater) on every unit to ensure proper operation. We provide a 30-day guarantee against failure.


Input voltage: 115VAC or 230VAC (selectable via switch on rear panel)

Output voltages:

  • XLR1 (plate voltage, tube pin 6): 125-140VDC
  • XLR2 (heater voltage, tube pins 4-5): 6-6.8 VDC
  • XLR3 (rear diaphragm polarization): 52-70 VDC in Cardioid

Complete pinout:

  • XLR1: plate voltage to mic
  • XLR2: heater voltage to mic
  • XLR3: pattern voltage to mic
  • XLR4: ground
  • XLR5-6: balanced audio from mic
  • XLR7: ground

This PSU includes an IEC power cord with US standard NEMA 5-15P connector, if shipped to a domestic US or Canadian address. Otherwise, we would omit the IEC cord.


These power supplies are manufactured either by the company that makes Apex and Nady tube mics, or the Avantone CV-12 and Fame VT-12. We would expect these power supplies to be compatible with Alctron T11-A and its clones, including the Apex 460, Apex 460B, Carvin CTM-100, as well as the various SYT-1200 / SYT-1201 clones including the ACM-1200 and the aforementioned CV-12/VT-12. 

We have tested this supply with the Weird Audio W47 Mod 1, and found it to be compatible. We have not tested other Weird mics, but we have seen reliable 3rd-party reports that the "little red monster" mic also uses a standard China style power supply like the one on this page.

It is known to not be compatible with Rode tube microphones, which have a different pinout and different voltage requirements.

We do not maintain a secret list of compatibility information beyond what is included on this page. If you need to know whether this power supply is compatible with your mic, and the other info here does not already answer the question definitively, then the answer is "probably not" -- but you can figure it out for yourself by comparing your mic's voltage requirements and XLR7 pinout with the documentation above.

We are not able to guarantee compatibility with any microphone. We would recommend that you verify the voltage requirements for your microphone before risking damage to it by plugging it into a 3rd-party power supply.

These power supplies are not intended for use with our VPS circuit upgrade kit; most of these PSUs have the power transformer mounted to the circuit board, and as such would require the chassis to be drilled to re-mount the transformer on the chassis. VPS customers should purchase the "VPS Complete Kit," which includes a compatible PSU shell.