VPS1 - Premium Tube Mic Power Supply

$ 449.00

The "VPS1" is our custom, premium tube mic power supply, designed and built in the US.

Rather than the Zener-regulated design found in most Chinese-made power supplies, we use a MOSFET-regulated design with significantly improved filtering.

Features & Benefits

  • Low drop-out regulator ensures voltage regulation despite temperature and AC line variations
  • Adjustable B+ voltage (via internal trimpot)
  • Adjustable heater voltage (via internal trimpot) allows compensation for voltage drop in long or sub-par XLR7 cables
  • Multi-stage noise filtering
  • Large heatsinks ensure lower operating temperature and long-term reliability
  • Soft-start heater voltage (4 second ramp) eliminates power-on current surge, to extend tube life
  • Voltage filtering in pattern selection circuit to eliminate "pops" when changing patterns
  • Neutrik XLR3 and XLR7 connectors
  • US milspec silver/Teflon wiring
  • Durable, powder-coated vintage silver metalflake finish
  • AudioQuest NRG-Y3 IEC power cord ($129 value) with long-grain copper, silver plated shield drains, and semi-solid concentric conductor packing to reduce RF noise and strand-interaction distortion. (This cable is compatible only with US/Canadian AC plugs, and will be omitted from VPS orders shipped to any other country; see note at the bottom of this page.)


Platinum Edition

The new Platinum Edition VPS incorporates numerous component upgrades throughout the B+ and heater circuits: NOS and audiophile resistors, filter capacitors, diodes, wiring, even the fuse. The standard version is not deficient in any way. The Platinum edition answers the question "what happens if we upgrade nearly every component, at any cost?"

The Platinum VPS1 is not sold as a DIY kit, because we cannot stock the special parts in sufficient quantities. Availability of this product will cease when our stockpile of NOS parts sells out.

As of late April, 2021, the Platinum Edition incorporates a new upgrade: the pattern selection control uses an imported European 9-way potentiometer outfitted with 1% tolerance precision audio resistors. The activation force for this control is significantly lower than the standard potentiometer, but extremely solid; the feel and feedback are second to none. (Said another way, this new pot feels expensive. And, in fact, is. ;)

We are also using our new bridge rectifier in both the B+ and heater circuits of the Platinum VPS; these rectifiers use ultra-fast Telefunken diodes chosen for sound quality.



The VPS is built to order. Allow 3-5 business days for assembly, burn-in, and testing.



The VPS1 is compatible with the following tube microphones:

XLR7 pinout:

  • Pin 1: plate voltage, 120VDC (adjustable via trimmer)
  • Pin 2: heater voltage, 6.1VDC (adjustable via trimmer)
  • Pin 3: rear diaphragm voltage (0VDC for Omni, 60VDC for Cardioid, 120VDC for Fig8)
  • Pin 4: ground
  • Pin 5: audio out from microphone
  • Pin 6: audio out from microphone
  • Pin 7: ground
  • Shield: ground

The VPS1 is known to not be compatible with Rode tube microphones. Use of the VPS1 with any microphone not listed above is at the buyer's risk. We strongly recommend you verify pin-for-pin compatibility and voltage requirements before purchase. We cannot further advise about compatibility with third-party microphones because we do not have any of those microphones here for testing.



The VPS1 power supply has a 1-year warranty. If it fails, we'll repair or replace it.


You'll want an appropriate cable

We strongly recommend pairing this power supply with our Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable. We think this is the finest tube mic cable in the world.


*Upgrade Bundle Pricing

The "upgrade bundle" pricing option offered above is valid only if you are buying one of our tube microphones or tube microphone kits in the same shopping cart. The discounted price reflects the swap from the standard power supply (which would have been included with those products) to this premium US-made power supply.


International Orders

We do not currently stock the AudioQuest NRG-Y3 IEC power cord for non-US outlets; if your order is shipped outside the US, we will remove the AudioQuest cord from your order and rebate the purchase by USD $50.

We test the VPS at 230VAC input via a step-up transformer. But we cannot guarantee that the VPS will not hum due to faulty mains wiring, which appears to be a somewhat common problem (10% of customers) in EU nations.