VPS1 Tube Mic Power Supply Kit

$ 349.00

The VPS1 kit lets you build a premium power supply for your tube microphone.

Unlike most tube mic power supplies on the market, ours does not use diodes to set the output voltage. Diodes add noise, and allow the output voltage to drift. The voltage drift causes nonlinear behavior from the mic's vacuum tube, which in turn affects the sound of the mic.

The VPS1 power supply was designed by Scott Hampton of Hamptone.com.

2022 Upgrades

We revised the VPS kit in 2022 to improve noise filtering. Filter capacitors on the B+ circuit, both input and output, have been upgraded to our custom formulation low-ESR electrolytics. Filter capacitors on the F+ circuit were also upgraded. The build guide was rewritten and improved.

2023 PCB Options

We now stock two PCB variants. The "L" shaped board is the one we've been selling for years; it fits the Alctron chassis, where the power transformer is mounted to the lower part of the chassis, and the PCB fits around the transformer.

New for 2023 is a rectangular PCB, which fits Shanghai power supplies (e.g. Avantone) where the power transformer is mounted on the PCB.

(Both PCBs could be used with either power supply, with minor adaptations. Using the "L" PCB in a Shanghai PSU requires that two mounting holes (for the transformer) be drilled in the chassis. Using the rectangular PCB in an Alctron PSU requires that the transformer be unmounted from the chassis and reinstalled on the PCB.)

If you are ordering the VPS Circuit Kit in conjunction with a V-47, 12-251, or V-251 tube mic kit, choose the "Rectangular PCB" option, as that one is compatible with the PSU chassis we ship in the tube microphone kits.

Kit Options

  • The "Circuit Kit" includes our custom PCB, plus 100% of components needed to populate it. It includes Neutrik XLR3 and XLR7 connectors, and US-made milspec silver/Teflon wire for all audio connections inside the supply. The circuit kit is intended to upgrade a power supply you already own.

    If you order the "Circuit Kit" version in the same cart as any of our tube mic kits ( 12-251 DIY tube microphone kit , V-251 tube microphone kit, or V-47 tube microphone kit ), we would replace the kit's power supply with a gutted PSU chassis into which the VPS circuit kit can be installed. To be clear: if you order a tube mic kit and VPS1 Circuit Kit together, you'll receive 100% of the parts needed to build our custom tube mic power supply (and you won't have to remove and discard the PSU's original PCB, wiring, and XLR connectors). For these orders, choose the "Rectangular PCB" version of the VPS Circuit kit.

  • The "Complete Kit" includes everything in the circuit kit, plus a compatible chassis and power transformer. The PSU lid/cover is our California-made, vented, powdercoated design. This bundle also includes an AudioQuest IEC power cord.

Features & Benefits

  • Low drop-out regulator ensures voltage regulation despite temperature and AC line variations
  • Adjustable B+ and heater voltages (via internal trimpots)
  • Multi-stage noise filtering
  • Large heatsinks ensure lower operating temperature and long-term reliability
  • Soft-start heater voltage (4 second ramp) eliminates power-on current surge, to extend tube life
  • Voltage filtering in pattern selection circuit to eliminate "pops" when changing patterns
  • Neutrik XLR3 and XLR7 connectors
  • US milspec silver/Teflon wiring

Power Supply Compatibility

The VPS1 is compatible with the following tube microphones:

Compatibility with alternative microphones

If you're building this unit, you could certainly change the location of the heater, plate, audio, and ground conductors in order to use the supply with a different 7-pin tube microphone. We can't provide support on this, but we can give you the XLR7 pinout of this PSU:

  • Pin 1: plate voltage, 120VDC (adjustable via trimmer)
  • Pin 2: heater voltage, 6.1VDC (adjustable via trimmer)
  • Pin 3: rear diaphragm voltage (0VDC for Omni, 60VDC for Cardioid, 120VDC for Fig8)
  • Pin 4: ground
  • Pin 5: audio out from microphone
  • Pin 6: audio out from microphone
  • Pin 7: ground
  • Shield: ground

The VPS1 is known to not be compatible with Rode tube microphones. Use of the VPS1 with any microphone not listed above is at the buyer's risk. We strongly recommend you verify pin-for-pin compatibility and voltage requirements before purchase.

Quirks of the Powdercoated Finish

We use a heat-treated ceramic powdercoat finish on the lid for the VPS1 "Complete" kit. These lids are manufactured in California. Powdercoating gives a very durable finish that is resistant to scratching and physical wear. Due to its origins as an industrial solution for preventing corrosion, its application tolerates minor cosmetic imperfections such as small bumps, dust nibs, and the like.

You'll want an appropriate cable

We strongly recommend pairing this power supply with our Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable. We think this is the finest tube mic cable in the world.

One more upgrade option

We developed a drop-in upgrade for the two bridge rectifiers used in the VPS. See our bridge rectifier kit, which replaces the monolithic silicon rectifiers (used in both the B+ and heater circuits of the VPS) with discrete Telefunken sinterglass diodes.

Don't want to build it?

We sell this as a completed unit; see our VPS1 Tube Mic Power Supply.