SDC Stereo Pair

$ 939.00

This stereo microphone set contains two of our hand-built recreations of the Schoeps CMC5. The set includes two carefully matched microphones, two shockmounts, spare O-rings, and a hard case as pictured here.

This set includes matched Cardioid capsules. The capsules are detachable and interchangeable with our Omni and Hypercardioid capsules, which can be purchased separately; see the SDC Capsules page. Additional capsules purchased with this microphone set will include a small plastic storage box that fits into the mic case.

(If you'd prefer to buy this mic pair with Hyper or Omni capsules instead of Cardioid, let us know via email after placing the order, and we'll swap them.)

These microphones are built to order; allow 7 calendar days for shipping.

The DIY kit version of this product can be purchased here.


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