SDC Microphone Kit - Schoeps CMC5 Style

$ 329.00 $ 349.00

This kit will be back in stock in March, 2020.

The SDC microphone kit incorporates our Schoeps-clone circuit kit with our popular SDC capsules into an all-inclusive DIY microphone kit. This is a "do it yourself" microphone kit; it requires soldering, wiring, and assembly.

We have bundled these into two sets, with any of three capsules (Cardioid, Hyper, Omni):

  • The "single mic" kit includes the SDC mic body, circuit kit, SDC capsule, and a shockmount.
  • The "stereo matched pair" kit includes two donor mic bodies, two circuit kits, a hand-matched pair of SDC capsules, two shockmounts, and a compact flight case.

Each shockmount includes spare elastics.

We designed the flight case to store two microphones and two mounts. A fifth die-cut provides for future expansion (e.g., Cardioid, Omni, or Hypercardioid capsules).

If you purchase a single microphone kit, we cannot supply a match for it later. Customers interested in a matched pair should purchase the matched pair. Related: we do not expect to sell mounts or cases separately.


About the donor mic body

The included microphone body was manufactured at the same Chinese facility that produces a commonly used SDC donor mic. Although we QC them extensively, we note that most of these bodies exhibit a minor machining flaw, in that the three screws that hold the body sleeve onto the XLR housing do not exactly line up with the holes into which they are intended to match. This small mismatch does not affect the mic's usability, and certainly not its sound, but makes the final assembly step (namely, locking the body over the mic's internals) somewhat less precise than we'd like. We hope to create custom tooling for upgraded SDC bodies in a future production run, although that will likely add 20-40% to the cost of this DIY kit.

About the circuit

We have been using and refining the Schoeps CMC5 circuit for nearly 10 years. Our first Schoeps-style circuits were LDC adaptations that incorporated many years' worth of R&D by Jim Williams. We've since incorporated numerous upgrades and changes beyond that, in order to push the noise floor and distortion still lower.

We use top-grade parts throughout the circuit, including 1% tolerance audio resistors, low-noise and long-life electrolytics, polypropylene (not polyester) capacitors in the audio signal path, and an individually "biased" NOS JFET selected specifically for this circuit. The result is very high-performance microphone.

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