Gotham GAC7 XLR Tube Microphone Cable

$ 119.00

Features & Benefits

  • Genuine Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable
  • Genuine Neutrik NC7MXX / NC7FXX XLR7 connectors (black housing)
  • Hand-assembled in California
  • "Burned in" for 72 hours

Gotham GAC-7 is arguably the finest 7-conductor tube microphone cable in the world. It has excellent shielding, high-quality copper conductors, and low capacitance.

Neutrik XLR7 connectors are the long-standing industry standard for premium XLR microphone cables.

These cables are 20 feet (6m) in length. The jacket color is gray. (The jacket looks black in the photo, but is dark gray in color.)


This tube mic cable is compatible with, and is a recommended upgrade for:

This GAC7 cable is compatible with, and recommended for, our VPS tube mic power supply.

Technical Specifications

We wire these straight through, pin to pin. No internal conductors are shorted to shield.

See a short video about our homemade cable tester.

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