Gotham GAC7 Neutrik XLR7 Tube Microphone Cable

$ 99.00

As of Aug 29, we have one GAC7 cable remaining in inventory. If this item is marked 'sold out,' we will have more available on September 21.

Features & Benefits

  • Genuine Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable
  • Genuine Neutrik XLR7 connectors
  • Hand-assembled in the USA
  • Built with Cardas silver solder
  • Lifetime no-fault warranty

Gotham GAC-7 is arguably the finest 7-conductor tube microphone cable in the world. It has excellent shielding, high-quality copper conductors, and low capacitance.

Neutrik XLR7 connectors are an industry standard for premium tube mic cables.

This cable is a recommended upgrade for our 12-251 and V-47 DIY tube microphone kit, as well as the V-12 tube microphones. We recommend it especially with our premium tube mic power supply (and if you purchase both together, we'll fine-tune the power supply's filament voltage to take advantage of the heavier conductors in this cable).

These cables are 25 feet (7.6m) in length.

Lifetime Warranty

If your cable fails, send it back; we'll repair it for free. Your cost is limited to the shipping fees.