Gotham GAC7 XLR Tube Microphone Cable

$ 119.00

Features & Benefits

  • Genuine Gotham GAC-7 tube microphone cable
  • Genuine Neutrik NC7xXX-BAG XLR7 connectors (black housing, silver plated pins)
  • Hand-assembled in California

Gotham GAC-7 is arguably the finest 7-conductor tube microphone cable in the world. It has excellent shielding, high-quality copper conductors, and low capacitance.

Neutrik XLR7 connectors are the long-standing industry standard for premium XLR microphone cables.

This cable is a recommended upgrade for our 12-251 and V-47 DIY tube microphone kit, as well as the V-12 tube microphones. We recommend it especially with our premium tube mic power supply (and if you purchase both together, we'll fine-tune the power supply's filament voltage to take advantage of the heavier conductors in this cable).

These cables are 20 feet (6m) in length.

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