V-251 Tube Mic Platinum Edition

$ 3,199.00

The best-sounding mic in the studio is the V-251 Platinum, hands down.
- Paul Smith, Eight Days A Week Studios


How to order

The Platinum V-251 is now exclusively available as the Roswell Aztec.



The Platinum Edition V-251 Microphone is a recreation and reimagination of one of the most famous tube microphones in history, the Telefunken ElaM 251.

While our V-251 DIY kit and standard V-251 microphone both deliver superior performance when compared to so-called "clones" of the Telefunken ElaM 251, the Platinum edition takes the product to another level. We've reworked the entire circuit of both the mic and power supply, implementing upgrades with no concern for cost.

The Platinum edition is not available as a DIY kit, and will not be offered as a DIY kit. It has limited availability, due to the limited availability of the vintage parts we've chosen. These are built by hand in our Northern California shop, burned in and tested extensively. This is very much a boutique product, built to order.

Hear the mic

Charlie and Ernesto at Ultimate Studios recorded guitar (acoustic and electric), bass (miked cab), drums, tambourine, piano, organ (miked cab), and vocals, with just one Platinum V-251. Here is the resulting music video:

See excerpts from individual sessions in the "Songs from the Studio series," on Ultimate Studios' Youtube channel.


Jessy Roovers sang this cover of "Dreams" (Fleetwood Mac). Engineering and production courtesy of Johan Schots and Guus Fluit of Floyd Records, Belgium.

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