T-25 Microphone

$ 339.00

The T-25 is a professional quality condenser microphone with a remarkably musical frequency response -- not hyped in the high end like so many inexpensive microphones.

The T-25 is a medium-diaphragm condenser microphone that we think sets a new milestone in price/performance ratio. The transformer-coupled circuit, based on an old Neumann design, gives the T-25 a rich texture reminiscent of vintage microphones, but at a tiny fraction of the cost.

Customer Testimonials

The DIY kit version of this microphone has 40 5-star reviews. Most micParts customers build the DIY kit, so that's where all the reviews get posted.

Love the T-25. It sounds really good. It has some color and character (attitude) while also being well balanced tonally. I have a fairly extensive mic locker yet the T-25 brings a vibe and tone that is useable, unique, and special.

I absolutely love this microphone! I've had really nice results with close miking quiet sources like acoustic guitar and hand percussion. Recently, though I've been using a pair to record band rehearsals and the results are stunning. It gets some of the airiness of a large diaphragm, but more controlled, and it doesn't get too bassy like some SDC's I've used. Really nice for room miking too. For its price and capability, this is a must-have microphone. It's becoming my swiss army knife of microphones.

This is my second T-25. The first was for myself and this one was for a client who loved mine so much he wouldn't give it back! It suited his guitar perfectly.

Rich sound for a poor mans price. The sonics are amazing: rich and detailed. I am going to enjoy bragging about the price tag of this mic after people hear it.

Incredible clarity, beautiful vintage color
The T-25 has been nothing short of stellar - I absolutely love how it captures my nylon strings. It's inspiring to hear this level of return during recording, and hard picked transients have a wonderful vintage color which is probably my favorite thing about it. I'm a huge fan of this mic and at such a low price point I consider it a must have for anyone's collection.


The finished T-25 will find uses throughout your studio, from vocals to drum overheads to guitars. We designed it to saturate under moderate SPL in order to capture harmonically rich sound. This circuit has a mild compression effect; it gently attenuates transients, which can make drum tracks easier to mix.

An internal attenuation pad can be activated by flipping a toggle switch inside the. microphone. This provides 10dB additional headroom for recording louder sources.

In the Box

The T-25 includes:

  • the microphone¬†
  • a swivel mount for connecting the mic to a mic stand
  • a plastic storage case

Audio Samples

Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer of Ultimate Studios, Inc built a T-25 during a live webcast, and later recorded drums (mono, front of kit), acoustic guitar, bass, and electric guitar with a single mic. The video here starts right on the audio samples; rewind it for more info on placement.

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