S-25 TT Drum Microphone

$ 279.00 $ 299.00

The S-25 TT is a new version of the S-25, crafted specifically for high SPL applications. We redesigned the circuit to attenuate the output without adding distortion, and to increase headroom without adding noise.


In the Box

The S-25 TT includes a swivel mount and a plastic storage case.



The S-25 TT is in stock for quick shipment. Once the initial inventory is sold, these will be built to order, with a delay of 3-5 business days.

If you would greatly prefer a black mic body, let us know; we can make those available at a small additional charge.



“I'm blown away again! I had another one of those 'ohhh this is how good mics can actually sound' reactions. They blend with the [Roswell Mini K87] overheads in a transparent way I’ve never really experienced with dynamic mics... or any tom mics really. Thank you again!”

 - Phil Pardell


Demo Audio

This session with Glen Sobel demonstrates the S-25 TT on toms, the MicParts Snare Mic on snare, and various Roswell Pro Audio mics on kick and overheads.

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