Snare Microphone Kit - SDC84 High SPL Edition

$ 379.00

This kit his a high-SPL modification of our very popular SDC-84. Both are modern recreations of the famous Neumann KM84.

When we initially created the SDC-84 kit, we omitted the hard-wired 10dB pad found in every KM84i imported by Neumann's US distributor during the mic's production in the 1960s. Due to that circuit change and a few component upgrades, the standard SDC-84 has much higher output and superior signal-to-noise ratio as compared to the vintage model. It is an amazing mic on quiet to moderately loud sources. But it will overload under very high SPL, such as when mounted within a few inches of a snare drum.

The "Snare microphone" kit incorporates these changes to the SDC-84:

  • the mic's input circuit is padded
  • the mic's output transformer has a higher turns ratio
  • the JFET is selected and biased for extremely low distortion
  • We bundle the Snare Mic with our Hypercardioid capsule, which reduces high-hat bleed (see demo video below).

What's in the box

This is a DIY microphone kit; it requires soldering, wiring, and assembly. If you'd like to buy a finished microphone, contact us via email.

The kit includes complete metalwork, our custom circuit board, all the components needed to build the mic, a Hypercardioid capsule, and a shockmount. The build manual is a 32-page book with color photographs and step-by-step instructions; it draws on nearly 10 years' experience making the best assembly guides in the DIY industry (according to our customers).


Demo Video



I can't go on enough about this snare mic. I've had it for long enough to really hear it on several different snares and in both of our live rooms and two of our booths. Fantastic microphone. I don't even put the [common dynamic mic] up anymore.
 - Wes Sheffield, FAME Recording Studios (Muscle Shoals, AL)

The snare mic was awesome! It's now my go-to for snare. No reason to use anything else. Very happy!
- Matt Boudreau, Working Class Audio


Audio Samples

Charlie Waymire of Ultimate Studios Inc helped us beta-test the new SDC84 Snare Mic. The isolated snare track illustrates the full sound of the mic, which is not at all lacking in snap or attack despite the big lows and low-mids.


Upgrade History

As of May 1, 2020, we are shipping our new upgraded metalwork with this kit. The body sleeve and XLR insert are machined from brass, then plated to match the capsules. The new metal looks nicer, is more durable, weighs 3x more, and has superior machining quality.

The new mic uses our diamond "MP" logo badge rather than engraved logo pictured on this page. (We'll update the photos eventually.)

As of January 20, 2021, this kit is based on a newly revised circuit board that is both easier to assemble (due to placement of electrolytic capacitors) and superior in sound quality (due to component upgrades).

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