S3-47 Microphone Kit

$ 449.00

This kit is expected to be back in stock in June, 2021.

The S3-47 is our flagship transformerless K47-style microphone. Key features include:

  • Our best-selling RK-47 capsule
  • Our finest transformerless circuit (based on Schoeps)
  • 3-way pattern switch (Cardioid / Omni / Figure-8)
  • -10dB pad switch
  • Includes shockmount and storage case

The S3-47 is a 3-pattern version of our popular S-47 microphone kit, with a larger body, two external switches, case, and shockmount.


The S3-47 excels at adding weight to thin or sibilant sources. Its forward mids and neutral top end provide a welcome sonic contrast to the hyped profile of most commercial mics under $1000. The S3-47 excels at:

  • Vocals (male and female)
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Electric guitar cab
  • Bass cabinet
  • Strings

See also the "S-47" column of the application guide.

Note - If you wish to record very high-SPL sources with this mic, we can recommend two simple mods to lower the mic's sensitivity and increase the pad value.

Circuit Description and Options

The S3-47 uses the latest version of our premium transformerless circuit. It is made entirely with superior parts and practices. For example, every JFET is individually selected and manually biased in our shop to ensure maximum gain and minimal distortion. The primary signal caps are polypropylene types, because they sound better. Resistors are 1% tolerance, audio quality, low-noise parts. The two switches are long-life C&K parts. All the "mods" and upgrades that people like to do to the Schoeps transformerless circuit have already been done.

The S3's circuit is unique for not using internal wiring. The switches are soldered directly to the main circuit board, rather than mounted to a small standalone board that would need to be wired to the audio board, introducing complexity and possible signal loss. We've kept audio traces as short as possible, and as we always do, isolated the high-impedance circuit above the circuit board. We do not compromise the sound or performance of the mic for convenience!

What's in the box?

The S3-47 kit includes:

  • A rigid plastic, foam-line storage case.
  • The S3 microphone body, complete with tapered grille and XLR3 insert. As of November 2019, the mic body no longer has a painted "MicParts" logo (as shown in the shockmount photo), but rather includes a brass "MP" diamond logo badge.
  • Shockmount.
  • Our TL3 circuit kit.
  • The RK-47 capsule
  • Comprehensive, full-color, step-by-step installation instructions.


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