Soldering Practice Kit

$ 12.00

Interested in DIY audio, but not ready to tackle a full microphone build?

We always recommend that people learn to solder first. Here's a practice kit that will help. It includes a 2-layer, plated through hole PCB, and an assortment of at least 15 components that let you practice placement, orientation, and soldering.

We'll include a length of wire, and an XLR connector with pre-installed wire ends. The kit includes a link to an online video that walks through the included components and suggests how to best use them.

Skill Development

Here is a list of skills you can develop with this kit:

  • Removing components from tape strips
  • Recognizing value markings
  • Identifying component designators
  • Distinguishing polarized from non-polarized components
  • Component orientation
  • Lead forming
  • Soldering
  • Wire stripping and tinning
  • Desoldering (both PCB and wire cups)

Required Tools

You must supply solder and a soldering iron. See our DIY Tools page for recommendations. We would also recommend adding a spool of solder wick, which is indispensable for removing solder.

This is not a tutorial product; there are plenty of soldering technique videos on Youtube already. The point of this kit is to give you at least 30 chances to develop your soldering technique. (To be very clear, this kit does not actually build a microphone.)

Pictured is a typical kit. Actual contents may vary.

Highly Recommended

This thing.


We cannot ship this kit to the EU, because it contains lead.