MXL 990 Upgrade Service

$ 599.00

The custom paint/powdercoat colors pictured below have been discontinued. We continue to offer circuit and capsule upgrade services, but will no longer offer cosmetic finish work on 3rd-party microphones.

Your MXL 990 can be transformed into a world-class microphone. This page describes our boutique upgrade process.


Compared to the stock microphone, the modified 990 will have:

  • Smoother, more musical frequency response
  • Higher sensitivity
  • Lower noise
  • Your choice of voicing and saturation
  • Your choice of custom paint and grille finishes



By choosing an appropriate capsule design and utilizing circuit tuning, we can recreate any of a number of target voicings. Because these are hand-built, boutique microphones, we would tune the microphone to best suit your needs.

We have five large-diaphragm capsules and two circuits available, with multiple transformer options that yield different sonic results. The transformerless circuit is optimized for clean capture, fast and accurate transient response. The transformer circuits provide varying degrees of headroom, compression, and even-order harmonic saturation.

We provide personalized advice and recommendations for which voicing to pursue; let us know what microphones you own, and what microphones you've liked. We'll build a microphone to suit your individual needs.



We currently offer two metallic powdercoat finishes, and two grille colors. You can specify your choices at the time of ordering. The available body colors are Metallic Blue and Metallic Copper. The grille colors are Satin Nickel and Black Chrome.


How It Works

Reserve your upgrade by ordering the service. Then ship your microphone to us. See the notes about that process here. We will contact you with the expected upgrade timeline and return shipping date once we've received your microphone.

We would collect your preferences for the mic's voicing, and your preferences for the cosmetic options, at the time of your order.